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If you want to host an ice cream party, the best part is to go for an ice cream truck rental. And if you wonder how to throw a memorable party with the help of an ice cream truck, keep reading.

Offer Toppings And Condiments

Offering toppings and condiments are a great way to make the ice cream experience more enjoyable and customizable for your employees. Some popular toppings include sprinkles, hot fudge, caramel, fruit, and nuts. Additionally, offering condiments like whipped cream

and a cherry on top adds an extra sweetness to the treat. Make sure to have various options available so that everyone can customize their ice cream to their liking. This will make the experience more fun and interactive.

Consider Dietary Restrictions

Consideration for dietary restrictions is important in ensuring that your employees can

participate and enjoy the ice cream truck party. Some common dietary restrictions include

lactose intolerance, gluten sensitivity, and veganism. You can offer alternatives like dairy-free ice cream, sorbet, and gluten-free cones to accommodate these restrictions. Including these options not only accommodates your employees’ needs but also shows that you value their well-being and care about their experience.

Promote The Event And Create Excitement

Promoting the event and creating excitement is key to ensuring high employee participation and a successful ice cream truck party. Several ways to promote the event include sending out emails, posting flyers, and promoting it through internal communication channels.

Building excitement for the event can be done by offering prizes, creating a fun theme, or making it a fun competition.

Ensure Enough Seating And Shade

Ensuring enough seating and shade is important for the comfort and well-being of your employees during the ice cream truck party. Providing seating, such as chairs or picnic tables, allows employees to relax and enjoy their ice cream comfortably. Having shade

options, like canopies or umbrellas, protects employees from the sun and keeps them cool on a hot day.

Provide Utensils And Napkins

Providing utensils and napkins is a simple but important detail for ice cream truck catering.

Utensils, such as spoons and cups, allow employees to enjoy their ice cream and avoid

messy hands easily. Napkins are also important for wiping hands and faces and cleaning up any spills or drips.

Encourage Employee Interaction And Bonding

Encouraging employee interaction and bonding is an important aspect of a successful ice cream truck party. You can create opportunities for interaction by organizing games, contests, or team-building activities. Another option is to encourage employees to sit and

chat with each other while enjoying their ice cream. Providing a relaxed and fun atmosphere can also foster bonding and increase employee morale.

Offer Prizes Or Incentives

Offering prizes or incentives can create excitement and encourage ice cream truck party participation. Prizes can be awarded for games or contests or simply for attendance.

Incentives can be as simple as offering prizes for the most creative ice cream combination or for the employee who brings the most guests. Prizes and incentives help create a fun and

interactive atmosphere and encourage employees to engage more in the event. Offering

prizes or incentives can make the ice cream truck party more enjoyable and memorable for your employees.

Have A Photobooth

Make your own photo booth to capture memories of the party with an ice cream truck

rental. Choose amusing objects that inspire your employees to be silly for the camera. Get some photo booth essentials from your local cheap store—feather boas, goofy glasses—and let your creativity run wild. Print images for employees to take home as a memento of the fun they had.


In conclusion, hosting a successful employee ice cream truck party requires careful planning and attention to detail. By focusing on these key elements, you can ensure that your ice cream truck party is a huge success, building employee morale and improving relationships among your team. So, if you want ice cream truck catering, switch to the Besties Icecream website. They offer the best and a variety of flavors at reasonable prices. Moreover, their easy booking process makes hosting the ice cream truck party hassle-free.


How do you host an ice cream party?

  • Choose an appropriate location
  • Select a variety of ice cream flavors
  • Offer toppings and condiments
  • Accommodate dietary restrictions
  • Promote the event and create excitement
  • Provide seating and shade
  • Offer utensils and napkins
  • Encourage employee interaction and bonding

How do you keep ice cream cold for an ice cream social?

Use a refrigerated ice cream truck, keep the ice cream in insulated containers, and store it in a shaded area to maintain its temperature. Consider using dry ice or portable freezers to keep ice cream cold if necessary.

What happens at an ice cream social?

An ice cream social is a fun gathering where people come together to enjoy ice cream and socialize. Ice cream is served from an ice cream truck or provided in containers, and employees can choose from various flavors and toppings. The focus is on having a fun and relaxed atmosphere where employees can enjoy their ice cream and each other’s company.


If you are looking to know guidance on hosting a successful employee ice cream truck party, then you have come to the right place. Here in this post, we provide complete and fresh information about the ice cream truck party. To know more, visit us today!

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