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The 8 Stages of an Explainer Video Production Process

The 8 Stages of an Explainer Video Production Process

If you are not familiar with the process of creating animated or explainer video with a business theme to promote company, it might seem simpler. Nevertheless, it is an intricate process involving step-by-step methodology of implementing video production services. In order to create quality content backed up by audio visual excellence, the film makers have to toil hard to accomplish their goal. To start with, you should know that the explainer video production company in Delhi has to communicate the desired message supported by creative concept. Secondly, the script and motion graphics of the video should complement each other to engage target audience.

In addition, the narration should be boldly incorporated in the video for a deep impact on the users. It should also be noted that music and sound effects should have highest quality to appeal audience without amiss. The concept should be loud & clear and the characters used in the video should have a friendly personality. Apart from this, the following factors influence the final outcome of explainer video production services:

  1. Initial preparation: Evaluating the target audience and their preferences

Understanding the essence of the video production services and their purpose is very crucial prerequisite to understand. Besides, the audience that needs to be addressed should be evaluated before writing the script. Whether you want to sell products or spread words of wisdom about your services, the explainer video production company in Delhi focuses on this aspect and accordingly creates the script of the video while conveying the right message. The right connotation should always be perceived rightly by the audience, hence, this step cannot be overlooked.

  • Work on explainer video production services and first draft of script

The first draft of explainer video acts as the backbone of the video production services to accomplish business promotion goals. Everything written in the script should be meaningful and relevant to proceed with brand awareness. Considering the duration of the video to be of approximate 60 seconds, the draft should have 160-180 words per minute to execute the script into video production services.

  • Reflect over corporate branding

Branding plays a vital role in helping audience relate with the message embedded in the video. Be it the color of motion graphics, logo or background used in the video, everything needs an attention creating an impact on the viewers. The script and corporate branding elements of the video should be productive rather than just centered on entertainment theme.

  • Phase of mockup

In this step, style of the video and characters to be used in its storyline are considered. The explainer video production company in Delhi uses 3D, whiteboard, motion graphic animation, typography and many other video production styles according to business requirements of the clients. In terms of characters, various animation and graphics are used to create storyline for the explainer video.

  • Storyboard creation

Storyboard creation phase includes the composition of slides, transitions and other video production processes to address the concept used in the script along with its effective implementation. This step decides the addition, modification and mixing of various elements like voice over, effects, transitions, etc. Based on the symmetry of the elements, execution and presentation of explainer video, storyboard is finalized by the video production team.

  • Proceeding with voice recording process

The appealing and bold voice with fluent accent needs to be finalized for voice recording. Hence, the suitable voice over artist is hired by the company to record the script. The quality of voice according to the message being conveyed in the explainer video is assessed by the company while finalizing the voice over expert.

  • Planning animation for explainer video

The next phase of explainer video is to plan animation video in the storyline and it is the effective implementation of animation which influences the outcome of the video production services.

  • Identifying the issues which can interrupt the performance of explainer video

The explainer video production company in Delhi make a clear assessment on the basis of its portfolio about the issues hampering the performance of the video in the past. In short, there are several clients, but, experience of every user according to his requirements seems to be unique. Hence, these issues have to be underlined to deliver the best explainer video production services to the clients.

On  a whole, the above points can make a difference in choosing the best video production company that deals in explainer video and other ad film production services, you just need to follow them rightly.

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