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Lihue is a stunning city to visit with your family or friends and relish its major sightseeings.

Reach this beautiful city which is among many romantic places in the United States. You will love the city Lihue which has no match. This pretty city is a county seat on Kauai, Hawaii, and is home to many gorgeous beaches, this small island makes a perfect place for a honeymoon. 

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Let us check out some stunning spots in this city:

Wailua Falls

Wailua Falls are a beautiful site to visit which is just at the south end of the Wailua River and are 80 feet below. Grab the picturesque view of this waterfall via an easy drive highway which is visible from the roadside. Drop into this site and watch out for the waterfalls that make two streams drop below. You will get mesmerized by the stunning beauty deriving from its origin from the Kalepa Mountain Forest Reserve in Hanamāulu. This site is soaked in the lush green lands along with the Wailua River that cascades from this serene beauty. This river then divides into the double falls. Capture the rainbow serene views covering the whole waterfall and offering a spectacular view like this place has been blessed. Take away this lifetime memory with yourself at this picturesque view.

Fern Grotto

This is a fern-fringed hollow that needs a ride up to the Wailua River. Hereafter reaching the river, you will be able to observe the beauty of this attractive Fern Grotto. Much needed and saturated in the dewy and emerald green, watch this stunning cave which is a natural lava-rock with vigorous hanging ferns and tropical foliage. Spend some time in this beautiful cave which is a spotless nature-made tourist attraction and is one of the best places to visit in Lihue. 

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Grove Farm Homestead Museum

This museum is positioned in the former plantation home-based of a sugar mill owner and was recognized in 1978. This place was previously a plantation home spanning over the 80-acre. However, this area is now, has been conserved as a design of life on a sugar plantation. However, this spot was formerly built-in in 1864. This famous museum landscapes some thrilling and educational events out for the whole tourists. Get the actual highest experience of the sugar cane heritage on the island. This famous museum has been conserved genuinely and value visiting the operation of a true sugar cane plantation.

Menehune (Alekoko) Fishpond

This fishpond has been registered on the National Register of Historic Places which was built in 1973 and is nearly 1,000 years ago. This famous fish pond has been open for tourists since 1973 and offers a glimpse of this place from the 1/2 mile up Hulemalu Road. This popular site is settled above the Nawiliwili Harbor and offers a wide collection of dissimilar varieties of fish. Come to this well-known site fish pond that has derived its name from the legend Menehune, who only built these ponds. Drop in to this site to explore a dam which is also there in the pond located in the portion of the Huleia River and that is now used to trap fish to feed the ali’i.

Nawiliwili Harbor

This official harbor is situated to the north of Kalapaki Beach and since 1930 has been in Kauai. Come here to explore the soft flour sand smashing in the turquoise water which is worth watching. This tranquil view also ports many cruise ships. Beside the mouth of the Hule’ia Stream, this traveler space has resulted in its name from the Wiliwili trees present here. This harbor is also a profitable port that offers a minor boat harbor, a cruise ship, and a commercial cargo port. 

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Kauai Museum

This famous museum is one of the most stayed tourist spots in this city that shows the artworks from the local artisans. Get a vision into the Hawaii culture and history of the city from this museum situated in a lava rock structure. This is the most expedient way to contribute tourist services to a non-profit institute. Being a center for showing the rich philosophy and the enthralling heritage of this city, this striking exploration becomes the sole place to visit with your family.

Visit this city which houses some of the world’s famous sightseeing to be visited.

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