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SEO is the most driving factor to have traffic in 2020. It has also been an effective way of how to increase organic traffic 2019 and it is gaining more importance every day. But the techniques you use for SEO of your content or website often produce different results with time. Sometimes they are strong turnout producing strategies and sometimes the same ones will not do much in your favor. This is because Google keeps updating its algorithm and its criteria to rank business on search results. With time it is getting smarter and is becoming more suited for the users. It is trying its best to let the most appropriate information reach to its clients. And with that, you must keep updating your strategies too. For having the best SEO done in 2020 you will have to know what was the way of how to increase organic traffic 2019 and how they were practiced. Read along to know the best local SEO tips:

1. Make users feel to be in their favorite shop on your website:

Your website is your online shop that either makes or breaks your impression. The more active, fast, engaging, and SEO wise friendly your site would be, the easier it would be for your clients to go through it. And these are the factors Google looks for too. Google is looking for the best ways to benefit its users and to bring the most appropriate and high-quality services and businesses to them. If you want your site to appear in the top results then you need to have to up the quality game for it otherwise it might never rank. The information on your site must be trustworthy and updated to benefit your clients the most.

2. Make your site voice searchable:

The times are changing and the list of how to increase organic traffic 2019 must be updated with a voice addition. With the presence of voice searches available, 25% of people in the US find it convenient to make vocal searches on Google. Google considers it as a point to e noted as well and has updated its algorithm to rank sites that are optimized for voice searches. It is expected that this number may hit 55% BY 2022. It’s better to start right away and see what voice searches are and how to optimize for them. Voice searches are mostly long-tail keywords that are easier to hit. These are also mostly questions and involve local searches. So start doing SEO for voice searches to rank higher in Google search results.

3. Know that your customers are using mobiles:

You must know that more than 70% of internet users are using a mobile phone to surf online and makes Google searches. This number is constantly increasing as people like to connect with the rest of the world through a more mobile way and that is what? Yes, a mobile. You need to make your site mobile friendly as Google takes in a note this factor before ranking you in Google search results. A site that isn’t mobile-friendly will stay far behind. Don’t forget desktops altogether but put your main focus on optimizing your site according to the mobile users.

4. Keywords are going to be an older topic:

Google is updating itself and is looking deeply towards what the users are looking for online. You should start focusing on topic clusters as your 2020 SEO strategy. You need not look at the keywords only, but also the context that surrounds them. You must pay good attention to the user intent. You should know what your user is looking for and put the most information regarding his search on your website to rank higher. This can only be done well if you know the audience you are targeting and by organizing your content into clusters. And never forget to keep your keyword research as crisp as well.

5. Write longer content:

Shorter blog posts may not help generate many backlinks and hence lesser traffic. Whereas longer content will get more backlinks that will increase the authority of your site. But you can not follow this step blindly too. Before heading out to write content for your site you must know what your audience is looking for. Not every search query needs to have an answer of 3000 words. Sometimes the answer your user is looking for is only a single sentence long. But the topics that involve how to do something, will need longer guides to help the user get knowledge and information. You must know where you should put longer content as to where you must remain short.

6. Target local searches:

Local searches can be targeted by getting landers for your site. People are mostly looking for local information and listing sites like QRGTech can help you get your business listed to get local customer attention. Your landers will be a mini version of your website that will contain all the information about your business. Create your listing son sites like GMB and QRGTech to never miss an opportunity of attracting local clients. Make sure you input all your correct information while getting your business listed on online directories. Top business listing sites in USA can help you get through with this step.

These were some of the updates that happened in the list of how to increase organic traffic 2019 and in 2020 you must practice all of these to rank higher.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of Appclonescript.com, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.