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Long and thick hair is the desire of every woman but due to lack of proper care and nutrition hair growth stuck at a point of time. Every woman isn’t satisfied with their hair length. For replenishing and enhancing length of hair we have come up with the best and effective tips to boost your hair growth naturally.

It’s not necessary that each tip works equally for everyone because we all have different hair texture, hair quality but possibly these tips are helpful for increasing hair length along with the right nutrition and diet. Haircut is also important for hair; book my haircut online to get a wonderful experience. So, for lustrous lengthy and beautiful hair follow these tips and it will gradually increase your hair growth and improve hair follicles.

Massage your scalp 

Scalp massage with warm oil stimulates hair growth by increasing the blood circulation and removing dandruff and scalp concerns. Hair roots are the main cause of hair growth and hair follicles can be strengthened only if you massage well. Don’t use any fancy oil, avoid using chemical based oil. Natural oil like mustard oil, coconut oil or olive oil works well for stimulating hair growth.

Have a healthy diet

Trying different recipes, hair masks, hair oils won’t work out at all unless you start having a healthy and nutritional diet. Hair growth boost from inside and a healthy diet is the only solution to enhance your hair growth from inside. Foods like spinach, banana, egg, omega-3 fatty acids, and raisins are rich in vitamins and minerals that help to boost the growth. Avoid taking carbonated drinks, sugar, and sodium. Anything which has Vitamin A, C, omega-3 and iron is good for hair.

Trim your hair regularly

Hair growth went through three stages. The first stage is hair follicles, second stage is below the hair roots and the third stage is the ends of the hair. As the third stage is hair ends, so you need to trim your hair regularly to increase the desire to grow continuously. Book the appointment online once a month to keep your hair healthy and strong. Trimming also solves problems of damaged and dull hair.

Shampoo twice a week

Over shampooing can damage your hair so avoid doing it frequently. Only twice a week is enough to cleanse your hair. People have made it a trend to wash the hair daily but it can’t be good for your hair health so avoid shampoo and pamper your hair on an average basis. Avoid using chemical based shampoo.

Have cool shower

Daily dirt, pollution and sunlight can damage your hair follicles and hair length. Thus it’s important to wash your hair with cool water or lukewarm water. Hot water is a big no as it bound the hair growth. Hot water damages follicles and leads to dryness. Cool water is the best but if you can’t then lukewarm water is another choice.

Apply egg mask

Egg odor probably not your choice but its benefits can be. Egg hair mask is an easy and effective way to boost hair growth. Egg is rich in iron, sodium and vitamins that act great for stimulating hair strands. It moisturizes and nourishes the hair while preventing damage.

You need 2 eggs and 2 tbsp of olive oil. Mix well and apply on your scalp and hair length for 1 hour then rinse your hair with shampoo.

Apply castor oil

Castor oil is the most effective oil than olive oil or coconut oil. Due to thick consistency, mix with any other natural oil like coconut oil to apply on the scalp. It has antifungal and antibacterial properties that help to prevent infections. It has a high amount of Omega-3, vitamins, protein, fatty acids and other nutrients to increase the growth. Heat the oil and massage the scalp.

Limit heat styling

It’s sad but true if you want lengthy and thick hair you have to avoid using hot tools and blow drying. Using hot irons damages the hair and dries it out. And if you want to use it, apply heat protectant spray before using the tool. Researchers suggest air drying and avoid any heat tool. Otherwise it can lead to hair breakage and shorter hair length.

Brush gently in wet hair

When your hair is wet, roots become weak and chances of hair fall and hair breakage arise. Also, if you notice wet hair it is hard to brush and detangle as compared to dry hair. It’s been great to avoid combing in wet hair, first air dry and then brush gently to avoid breakage and hair fall. Also, while detangling your hair, brush gently otherwise, it can lead to hair fall.

Sleep on silk pillow

Silk or satin pillowcase is better for your hair health than a cotton one. Silk pillow covers avoid the hair tangles and make soft, shiny and silky hair. It’s not a very fast process for hair growth but it helps to generate less friction in your hair and gives a softer surface. Cotton pillowcase absorbs the moisture and makes hair dry and dull so using silk pillowcase is great for hair health.


Long shiny hair is the dream of every girl and these tips can help you get the dream barbie hair.

Proper oiling, shampoo, conditioning, hair mask and few precautions will help you to boost hair growth. With all these simple tips a person can have the most lustrous and beautiful hair so take care of your hair as you wears it every day. 

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