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There is a lot of literature all over on developing professional documents. From samples. to videos, to online courses on leading education platforms, internet is loaded with information. Yet, job aspirants struggle to get a decent resume for themselves.

Here are some points that will help you figure out the process:

1. Fancy words DON’T hit the home run

Most jobseekers spend a lot of time searching for appropriate vocabulary for their Resumes, hoping that jargons and complex words will get them to the interview table. On the contrary, too much vocab distracts the recruiters’ focus and may lead your resume to the rejection list. In fact, most leading resume writing companies adopt a to-the-point writing approach.

2. Colourful formats do work

In an attempt to make their resumes professional, jobseekers often end up using dull tones of grey and blue, making the resumes look boring. A bright resume, if structured and formatted thoughtfully, will definitely lead the jobseeker towards their ultimate goal. 

3. Being selective with what you put

Stuffing the resume with tons of content, even dating back to decades will not work. It is a preliminary step to check that the information going in the resume is aligned with new opportunities that the job seeker is looking for. Some professional resume writing services like have made it a priority to be selective while putting data into the resume.

4. Hiding your work gaps is  NOT necessary

People with job gaps are in frenzied situations to find solutions to cover breaks in employment. Job gaps are often due to unavoidable reasons such as maternity, illness or even reskilling. If these presented strategically, can do more good than anyone could think of. Some of the best resume writing services do it beautifully and help people win over their employment fears.

5. Using Quantification

Numbers also called results set the Resume apart. An ideal resume is a balance of quantifiable information and straightforward statements that show the actual responsibilities. None of them should be all over the resume, making it un-readable. It is best to highlight quantifiable figures using formatting tools. 


Unquantified: Wrote reports for the direct manager, summarizing incoming data and suggesting courses of action

Quantified: Wrote three 1,000-word reports per week for the direct manager, summarizing incoming data and suggesting courses of action

6. An Objective Statement is not necessary

Some of the best resumes made by professional resume writing services, do not contain objective statements. If the resume clearly conveys the professional’s profile and expertise, the objective statement is not required. It can be replaced with a comprehensive summary of skills or expertise.

7. There is NO correct format

Each jobseeker’s requirement is different and so are pertinent details. Therefore, there cannot be a standard format. A good format is one, which is tailored to the professional’s skills, experience, and target job requirements. A good professional resume writing service will provide each customer with a tailored format.

8. Contact Details are as important as Work Experience

While developing a resume, focus is on highlighting experience and skills, and in hurry contact details including phone number, e-mail, and links to online profiles. Wrong or no details, are worse than an improper presentation as they simply cut the chances of being contacted by the potential employee. The header involving factual detail must be the first thing up on paper.

9. Education section CANNOT be skipped

Senior professionals often skip education details, thinking experience is enough. Education and experience both have separate functions and they cannot be used inter-changeably. High school details can be ignored but higher education is necessary. A small section including details of qualification and associated institutions is enough if the resume is running out of space.

Some academic qualifications like MBA, CA, CPA etc. are also written alongside the name to show a strong knowledgebase. Samples available at any of the good resume writing services websites will help clear the air.

10. Soft skills ARE Important

Professionals, especially those in technical field, do not realise the importance of soft skills and try to draw all attention towards technologies and tools they know about. Technologies and tools may evolve with time but skills like communication, team coordination, time management, decision making are required across all functions and all levels of employment.

A one-liner like this will go a long way in describing you:

“Lateral Thinker, Problem Solver and avid learner, creating things and exploring avenues for innovation that fuel organizational and personal growth”

These were points you can consider while developing your Resume. These are universal tips that can be applied by professionals across all phases from their career, from beginner to CXO, and even by entrepreneurs. If struggling still, check out one of best resume writing service at Get Set Resume website.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.