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The eCommerce industry is rapidly booming and serving its customers efficiently. Customers can easily place orders for their desired product using their smartphone by relaxing on their couches. With the growth of the eCommerce industry, competition has also become tougher that some business owners are finding it difficult even to survive in the market. The prominent reason for this is technological advancements.

If the business owners can cope with these changes, they will meet the customer’s expectations. This blog consists of ten pointers that you can implement to enhance your eCommerce web app design and boost its sales and revenue.

10 eCommerce Web Design Strategies to Implement to Earn More Revenue

Perfect Images

Pictures are the first aspect that attracts the customers towards the product. If your eCommerce website doesn’t have high-quality, sharp images, customers may think many times before buying it. Along with the quality and size of the picture, if it is captured from the different angels showcasing every necessary aspect of the product, it creates an engaging browsing experience. Captivating product images also get shared on social media hence increasing the brand popularity and sales.

Lead With SEO

The SEO significance of SEO is not just limited to bringing buyers to your website. It has a much more crucial role to perform in your eCommerce website’s success. Search bars are imperative in eCommerce websites as customers find their desired product through manual search. Implementation of SEO to see their product as soon as they write a single word works excellently to boost sales. Additionally, there should be filtering functionality so that customers can filter their search among thousands of products available.

Focus on Mobile Optimization

More than 50% of the customers use their mobile devices to buy products online. What if your eCommerce website does not work seamlessly on mobile phones? If it is the case, the number of potential customers you have lost because of the website’s inefficient mobile optimization might be considerable. Therefore, keep your website mobile-friendly and use tools to check how your website looks on smartphones.

Find ways to keep your mobile store’s design optimized:

  1. Never use giant banners and pop-ups that display on the whole screen.
  2. Images of products should have inaccurate orders and preferences.
  3. Always show your best sellers above; this will save customers time scrolling till the end.

Write Pertinent Content

Only adding visuals to your eCommerce website is not sufficient. You need to include an informative description of the product to show how useful the product is. Play with words, use creative content to engross customers towards your website so that they can quickly find the desired product. Here, we are mentioning few tips for you:

  1. Don’t try to use many buzzwords or jargon. Write simple, crisp, and informative content using impressive and relevant words to get more conversions.
  2. Users don’t have time to read lengthy and detailed paragraphs, therefore write short and to the point content.
  3. Keep heading self-explanatory and unique so that customers don’t have to read the whole content.

Give Extra Attention to the Homepage

Your homepage is the first thing that comes in front of the customer’s eyes when they visit your website. Therefore, you cannot take the risk with your homepage. Try to keep your homepage appealing and informative that should be able to tell about your product and niche. You can also take assistance from eCommerce web design experts as they have prior industry experience and expertise in the latest trends. Incorporate tools like Google Analytics and SEO to measure the product sales and display your top products in header and banner slides.

Effortless Checkout

You must be thinking when a customer has reached the checkout process; then they will certainly complete the purchase. But, that’s not the case every time; many customers abandoned the cart due to the complicated checkout process. Therefore, you should focus on the following aspect:

  1. Security: Show trust badges and the website should be SSL compliant so that customers feel secure and protected while making transactions.
  2. Transparency: Show the details of taxes and charges clearly to the customers without hiding anything.
  3. Payment Methods: Display all the payment methods available to choose the one according to their choice.
  4. FAQs: Don’t forget to mention the FAQ section related to checkout on that page.

Let CTA Attract Visitors

Do you want to convert your visitor into a customer in the least amount of time? If yes, then implement CTA (Call To Action) in your eCommerce website. They can be made unique by using shade different from your website’s theme and by adding other elements that can grab the customer’s attention. Additionally, play with words to show urgency and to quickly take action. Words like Hurry, Shop now, Few left, Limited period offer, etc., can be used to bring the immediate customers’ attention.

Show Your Customers Reviews and Ratings

Do you know your customers can sell products better than you on your website? Yes, this is true. Your customers can sell your chocolate, apparel, accessories, devices, etc., more effectively than you. Nowadays, more than 80% of customers don’t buy the product before checking its ratings and reviews. Therefore, don’t underestimate the power of your customer reviews as big giants like Amazon have already started utilizing their capabilities.

Offer Personalized Experience

Keep your customers updated and engaged with different methods. Let’s find them out:

Push Notifications

This is an effective way to catch the attention of your customers. If they have something in the cart, then you can send them reminders to complete their purchase. Similarly, you can send them notifications like long time no visit, etc.


Let your customers know that you miss them, and they are essential to you. Send them SMS or Emails to update them about discounts, sales, special offers, etc.

There are many marketing software available that you can leverage to find out when your customer visits your website. You can engage them by sending emails, notifications, SMS to boost your sales and increase conversion rate.

Make Customers Feel Secure

If you want high conversion for your eCommerce website, then you cannot ignore its security. SSL (Screen Socket Layer) certificate ensures data encryption, and customers feel safe when seeing the green URL in the search bar. The green URL bar showcases that the customer’s Banking and financial information are safe and protected against hackers and scam artists. Google also prefers these green URLs and rank such websites 5% better.

Wrapping It Up!!

To stay competitive, you need to adopt and implement technological trends in your eCommerce website. This may seem not easy initially, but all your efforts will be worthwhile when you have a potential customer base. Therefore follow the points mentioned in this blog to make your website market-ready and boost your sales and profits.

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