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10 Best Indian Kitchen Designs Ideas

10 Best Indian Kitchen Designs Ideas

Several factors influence the kitchen designs. These factors include cultural insights, cuisine and historical perspective. It happens because the kitchen is the place where we cook the food and therefore, it is the total of all these influences.

 We are talking about the historical perspective then, we remember that 50 years ago we had sitting kitchens in India. Our grandmothers prepare the food in the kitchen by sitting down. Moreover, the storage setup of preparing and keeping the food worked out accordingly.

 It is the new concept of the standing kitchen, which is trending now in India. Most of us in India now assume that a standing kitchen is modern and mandatory to have. There are some differences between the Indian and the Western kitchens in India. 

Best 10 Indian Kitchen Design Ideas

The kitchen is a special place in our home to prepare tasty dishes. The design of the kitchen depends on the preferences of the people. Do you buy a new house? Then, you may be looking for some kitchen design ideas. We have the superb 10 design ideas for the Indian kitchen. Check them and explore all the things. It will help in finding out an Indian kitchen design that is suitable for your kitchen and preferences. 

  1. Parallel Kitchen with Dual toned design: The tall unit kitchen will provide enough space to cook and keep all the utensils for your big family. Don’t try to miss that these drawers are useful in making proper accessibility to all the material kept inside it. 
  1. Yellow designed peppy kitchen: Indians love to make their kitchen design using pop colours. You can use the yellow colour for your kitchen as it gives a fresh and vibrant look to it. Explore some modular kitchen designs photos to get a complete idea of the design and the looks using the pop colour patterns. 
  1. Kitchen with white & neutral design: Lofts are a perfect element to give it an elegant look. Your flooring and cabinet colour patterns will look traditional when you use the white colour patterns in them. It will easily convince the Indian family that all the spaces have properly used in the kitchen, and nothing will be wasted. Indians do not like to waste things. 
  1. Kitchen with proper spoons arrangement: There is no end in the number of spoons that we use while cooking the food. It would help if you had many cooking and serving spoons to keep the food. A proper cabinet for the spoons present in the kitchen will make it convenient for you to keep them in a perfect place. You have a helper at your home then, ask them to place all the spoons in a cabinet accordingly. It gives a neat and clean look to the kitchen.   
  1. Utility Kitchen: Utility kitchens are becoming popular in India. It is related directly to have a separate space for washing the dishes and perform the cooking work. You have an extra in your kitchen then. It is useful for keeping all the utensils at the time of organizing any event in the house. 
  1. Closed kitchen with door: Kitchen door keeps the smell of the food away from the living area at the time of cooking. The particular kitchen type in the traditional form has a door in it. You want to save the kitchen space then, keep a sliding door in the kitchen. It is impossible to keep the door inside the kitchen. Then, the partition can work out to keep the kitchen separate.
  1. Blue & White Mixed Designed Kitchen: Dark-coloured cabinets make unique kitchen colour combinations. It protects it from the curry spilt on the cabinets accidentally. It does not delude by the white-coloured countertop. The material used in the cabinets is quartz that does not damage after coming in contact with the high temperatures. It will be able to hold the curry spills. 
  1. Kitchen best for the Indian summer season: We know that the Indian summers are harsh. Therefore, it becomes important to place a fan inside the kitchen that makes it convenient for the person to do the work in the kitchen. A fan is a useful item to have in the kitchen, which disseminates the smoke and smell. 
  1. Artistically designed desi kitchen: You have often seen many artistically designed kitchens in India. These kitchens have the Mughal design patterns kind of tiles on them. The tiles look like a statement piece in the kitchen. It comes with white and neutral design patterns. 
  1. Kitchen stocked with storage: You get more storage options in these kinds of kitchen designs in India. The people who have to keep many things in their kitchen can go for the proper storage pattern designing and choose the kitchen stocked with a storage design idea. All the things have been covered, protecting the wooden storage cupboards from damage from grime and oil.


We shared some of the unique and convenient kitchen design ideas with you. You find it inspirational, then; try them to give a new look to the kitchen area of your home. We have covered different colour patterns from elegant white to pop yellow colours for the kitchen design in the content. 

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