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While so many ERP options are available to help companies with several of their operations, choosing the right option becomes a challenge. Earlier, just the large enterprises would seek help from such ERP solutions, but these days, the option is suiting small businesses’ likes. For making the correct choice, knowing what options you have is important. Starting from Oracle Netsuite to Microsoft Dynamics 365, all the options are mentioned in detail. So go through the descriptions and make the right choice.

List of Amazing ERP Solutions That Your Company Needs

Microsoft Dynamics 365

This is one of the more reliable ERP options chosen by companies. Microsoft is known for providing ERP solutions and several CRM options. These features are incorporated into the system that helps businesses support their enterprise and build long-lasting relationships with their clients. In addition, since it is completely cloud-based, it will not put any pressure on the server and has certain affordability added to it. So, choosing the integrated versions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central will be a good idea.

Oracle Netsuite

When it comes to the availability of Oracle, different activities can be performed using this tool. Hence, the brand is known for developing some of the most-reliable ERP options. Many cloud-based apps can easily be built with the use of Oracle. The applications are incorporated into different niches such as HR, Finance, ERP, etc. About 200 countries worldwide are using this tool due to the amazing benefits.

SAP Business One

This tool has been designed specifically for SMBs that want to have some growth in their enterprise. With the help of this platform, you can envision some amazing insights suitable for your company. Hence, making decisions using SAP Business One becomes easy. Not to mention that you will be able to manage the business easily. With this tool by your side, you can conquer the world of purchasing, sales, customer services, and much more. Choose from the amazing dashboard patterns to have more control over your enterprise.


For the organizations that want complete digital integration with their services, Acumatica is the right option. When it comes to mobile and network integration, Acumatica has no other competitor for sure. You will easily be able to incorporate different applications and tools using this program. Some of the other features that tend to make Acumatica the amazing tool that it is our flexibility and complete efficiency. With the assistance of this tool, your company will greatly benefit for sure. You can focus on smoother operations and produce the best results for the company.


Businesses these days have varied purposes and interests, thus creating different opportunities for ERP solutions. Not all software programs can adjust to business firms’ increasing needs and requirements. However, there is no complaint from the users regarding Tally. Tally can ensure proper efficiency and better results no matter what type of business you handle. The software has been designed specifically to suit the wants of modern-day businesses, and hence one can solely rely on this software to offer them great results.


The design of Brightpearl is specifically done to assist the companies that regularly deal with retail-related activities. Therefore, interesting features are added to the design, such as inventory management, sales organization, fulfillment, warehouse management, planning options, etc. In addition, other benefits are included in the software option, such as automation, omnichannel, and insights that can help you deal with different operations in real-time. So, all of these amazing features make Brightpearl an amazing ERP solution to invest your money in.

Sage Intact

With the help of Sage Intact in your company, you can increase its financial visibility exponentially. Not to mention that everything happens in real-time to provide the best possible results for the company. So, you can ensure that the company’s financial security is boosted through the charts. With automated features, you can save a lot of money on manual labor. With varied sections provided in the software, such as vendor management, purchasing, accounting, financial consolidation, inventory management, cash flow management, and many others, you can ensure that your company remains at the top with the best services. Interested customers can also check the free trial before choosing the software. Choosing Sage Intact will surely be a great investment for your company.

Odoo ERP

While Odoo ERP classifies itself as an open-source platform, the number of customizations you can do with the software will benefit your company. This platform is designed to help different enterprises and small businesses with accounting processes, sales management, manufacturing, CRM, etc. You get the whole package of features and trials with this tool. One of the amazing things about Odoo ERP is that it can be used by an organization with a limited budget and a smaller size. The platform is completely automated and provides different integration options for the customers. The main goal of Odoo ERP is to ensure that all processes, operations, and options are offered to the companies at a singular destination. This tool is handy for your business with its user-friendly design and innovative approach.

SAP Business By Design

If you are looking for a new tool other than Microsoft Dynamics 365, then SAP Business by Design is the option. This platform is cloud-based and specifically created for SMBs all over the world. Not just that, but it is also amazing for the subsidiary business firms. There are different sectors where one could use the platform, such as finances and human resources. Some of the remarkable benefits of SAP Business by Design include insights, support, and mobility. There are 12 different languages integrated into the software for long-lasting support. About 144 countries across the globe are using this software, so there must be something good with it, right? Check out the amazing package that consists of a wide range of amazing applications and storage benefits. It will surely be money well-spent.


Are you on the lookout for something intelligent enough to seek business opportunities for you? Then look at SAP S/4HANA, and the results will surely pique your interest. The platform provides better decision-making capabilities to your company by offering business analytics and insights in real-time. Furthermore, with computer memory built into the system, the tool provides supreme convenience and efficiency. There are three options available in the software for hybrid, cloud, and on-premise services because it is the intelligent tool it is. Not to mention that a free trial is available for your company so that you can have a look at the functions that the software has to offer.


The list is nowhere near the end, as many options are provided for ERP solutions. Hence, before even selecting, you must thoroughly research the varied options. Hiring the correct option takes a lot of time and thought. So, make sure to put some effort into your decision.

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