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How To Choose WordPress Theme For Startup?

How To Choose WordPress Theme For Startup?

If you have an Indian startup right presently, one of the first points you must put out is a great company website. Your website isn’t just a way for possible investors or consumers to get to know you but is also a key tool in supporting you to build your brand in the long run. Most startups in Canada try to keep overhead expenses low, as they need most of their reserves to encourage growth. That’s one of the purposes why you should take the benefit of WordPress to begin your website and keep your spending low.

Why WordPress:-

WordPress is a simple website constructor that even those with no programming experience will find easy to learn and use. It is no wonder that WordPress is consistently among the top options for startup websites. There are many free WordPress themes for startups possible once you join a field name and arrange for web hosting. Once you get through this first hump, you’ll now have to start developing your WordPress-powered website. Selecting the best free WordPress themes for business can be a difficult choice. As there is no definite answer for every position, this article will highlight five of our popular WordPress themes – you can analyze them out for yourself, or take them as a launchpad for your own purposes. India has witnessed in current years an introduction of online casinos that rely on WordPress in more ways than one. If you are an Indian manager looking to start an online casino and want to see free WordPress ideas for startups, check out Unique Casino to get an idea of design and purpose.


If your startup rotates around the gambling industry, you should surely think of the Coinflip theme – which is our best for the best WordPress gambling theme. The theme is provided mainly for casino member blogs in India. It’s an attractive theme for startups that work with online casinos, review online casinos, or redirect traffic to particular casinos. You can also use the theme to include casino news or discussions where users can communicate with each other. Coinflip is a minimalist theme that gives you a known-looking website in a report. The theme is also simply customizable if you find your business developing. Though there are loads of free WordPress casino themes out there, what Coinflip suggests is an easy-to-set-up but strong theme that can grow beside your business.


The Astra theme works particularly well for startups in the local business. Its simple, understated idea fits correctly with the Instagram beautiful, providing for an easy combination within your social media pages and your expert website. While using Astra as is would be a practical option in most cases, the theme is also simple to change. Even tech-averse users won’t find it tough to change the various characters of the theme – you can quickly edit the font, shades, headers, footers, and to your specific terms. Astra is also agreeable with page constructors like Elementor and WPBakery, which can be helpful for excellent users who want to customize their websites even more.


OceanWP is an outstanding choice for startups that need interactive websites. The theme is pretty natural to use, with loads of layout choices for whatever kind of website you need. OceanWP can also be customized to your requirements. It’s simple to add articles to this theme. You can also use OceanWP seamlessly with page developers to help you set up a website from scratch in about 10 minutes.


The Ultra theme is a particular preference of ours. What’s most remarkable about this theme is its user-friendliness, due to its composition of Themify Builder. You don’t need to recognize much about coding to create your website with Ultra; you can just drag and drop the various basics of your page specifically where you want them to seem. Ultra is a particularly great choice for startups that require getting loads of traffic from mobile devices, as the theme supports a knowing design that helps your website seem as it should on whatever mobile device your consumer is doing.

Breakthrough Pro:-

If you have about just money to save, you should take a look at Breakthrough Pro, which is distributed as a rewarded theme by WordPress. Startups will enjoy the ability of this theme to design complex information in easy-to-digest parts with its simple, minimalist design and colour palettes. Breakthrough Pro is particularly useful for startups that offer services, as this theme can display information about your services, consumers, and prices in an expert and pleasant way.


We are sure that these five WP themes will help you make a final decision in your search for top WordPress themes for your startup company.

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