Nokri- job portal WordPress theme is made by Theme forest. Furthermore, Nokri- job portal WordPress theme allows its users to create an online platform for employment. Plus NokriJob portal allows its user to either post any traditional job. Furthermore, there are many filter options available for users to select their desire job. While on the other hand, any visitors can submit their application for any position posted earlier. In short, these Job portals created with the Nokri- job portal WordPress theme connects employers with its workers from all around the world. In return, all this can help the owner of the job portal earn hefty revenue. Plus, this benefit is in the form of commissions you get from both sides.

Nokri- job portal WordPress theme is made by theme forest

Nokri- job portal WordPress theme is made by Theme forest. Theme Forest is a leading theme in the marketplace of WordPress. This market was set into motion in 2008. After its launch, it is gaining massive attention in the e-commerce business. Besides all the themes launched by scriptsbundle are very responsive, effective, and easy to use.

Furthermore, this theme is own by the Envato market family. Additionally, theme forest provides many themes for the job portal. These themes come under the category of “job portal theme forest”.

Nokri- job portal WordPress theme Modern design

Nokri- job portal WordPress theme design is perfect to make any job-related website. The design made by this theme is very much like other popular WordPress themes. For example, Nokridesign is much similar to the Job board WordPress theme, job portal WordPress theme, and WordPress job theme.

Additionally, this theme is perfect to create a best job portal. This theme has different websites small and large kinds of jobs.

Nokri- job portal WordPress theme is the Content-driven directory theme

Nokri–Job portal WordPress theme is a perfect fit for publishing distributing and creating different jobs for the job portal. Besides Content-driven features, this theme can easily target their specific audience through the job portal website or social media integration on the Job portal. Moreover managing different Jobs based on their types and categories is very much easy on this theme.

Nokri job portal WordPress theme comes with complete integration of ‘WP Job Manager’

WP Job manager in this theme is involved in the job listing, job submission form, and employer log. Plus it adds online Job board functionality to the job portal. It helps to show different individuals’ jobs in various formats. Furthermore, WP Job Manager is a lightweight plugin with a short code base and easy to use. Wp job manager works in CSS style along with a simple setup.

WP Job Manager plugin benefits on Nokri job portal WordPress theme

First, here users theme can customize their job listing with the help of WordPress UI. This customization includes adding, managing, and categorizing Job listings.

Second, there are searchable and filterable options are present. Third, there are many forms present for guests and users of the website. Furthermore, gest and users submit these forms on job managing listings. 

Besides, these forms come with different writing styles. all listings are linked with an email address. Additionally, This is to facilities job seekers while applying for any job. Likewise, job seekers can also get any notification of a job that matches their search.

Lastly, all registered and logged-in employers can make any changes in their job listing. Like for instance, an employer can view, mark, edit or delete its job listing.

In the end, the WP Job manager theme is straightforward to use because of its friendly developed code. 

Woo-Commerce plugin on Nokri- job portal WordPress theme

Nokri job portal WordPress theme portal has a woocommerce plugin option installed in them. Besides, this function can help to easily monetize your Job Portal. Likewise, this plugin is also installed in other WordPress themes like Job board WordPress theme, job portal WordPress theme, WordPress job theme, and on many other Job portals

Woo-Commerce add these additional functionalities to Job portal

1-A payment access.

2-Add geolocation and taxes.

It is helpful in Job portal website as the users will know the correct Job payment and location of employee and worker.

3-Check out process

This plugin helps to control all checkout processes. Furthermore, the owner of the job portal can set different checkout processes for several countries.

The layout of Nokri- job portal WordPress theme

Nokri job portal WordPress theme portal has a job listing in form of grids and lists. Furthermore, there is a single complete list showing all the details about the layout.

Users of this theme can make their company layout.

Interestingly this theme allows creating a different resume with a resume layout. This resume layout is very helpful for job hunters. Besides job seekers can either add or pin or tag their favorite job on the front page.

Nokri job portal WordPress theme has 5 different home page layouts. All These home pages have unique designs and color schemes.

Nokri job portal WordPress theme is a fully responsive theme like Nokri WordPress theme

Nokri job portal WordPress theme and Nokari WordPress theme Follows particular responsive web design approach. The Nokriresponsive themes create websites are for specific devices and screen resolution. While The Nokri-Job word Press theme responsive makes its online job board platform for different web design approaches. Furthermore, these Nokri job portal WordPress themes run very smoothly adjusted according to screen size and resolution. Indeed the responsive themes offer better readability on small screens. Plus, it also prevents any instability on smaller screens. Previously, the developer needs to design separate pieces for mobile and computer screens. It was much more costly and time-consuming. But now, with the help of Responsive themes, a single design can work on multiple devices.

Is Nokri- job portal WordPress theme profitable?

The answer is yes. Buying Nokri- job portal WordPress theme for online Job board websites is worth it. More Ever it all depends upon your niche and services for your audience

Also, there are a large number of people who created succeeding businesses through different kinds of the job board. 

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