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A person’s marriage will occur soon or later, depending on his kundali. Many times the person fails to get married, despite many attempts. If the planets of the native are correct, a couple can get married quickly. If the planets in the native’s kundali match, then he will marry soon.

Many young people in the country are interested in when they will get married. These questions are important in society and hence cannot be ignored when the astrological study is done on this subject.

The seventh house tells you when you will be married. It is possible to determine which direction is suitable for marriage and where you can make efforts as soon as possible.

Due to Early Marriage

Astrology states that the yogas for marriage are formed when Saturn and Jupiter face the seventh house or Ascendant in the year.  Mahadasha-Antardasha of Venus-Jupiter, there is a strong possibility of marriage. The Mahadasha Antardasha for the planet in the seventh house, or planet sitting with the seventh Lord, allows marriage.

Venus, Mercury, and Moon are all considered auspicious planets. If any one of these persons is sitting in the seventh house in the kundali, then the obstacles coming in the marriage end and the marriage takes place quickly.

Mercury gets married very soon. If Mercury is in the seventh house, then there is a possibility of early marriage. If there is no effect of any other planet on Mercury, then marriage takes place at the right age. If Mercury is in the seventh house, then the Sun is likely to be with Mercury.

Due to Late Marriage

Astrology identifies inauspicious planets as the main reason for marriage delays. Late marriage yoga is formed by Rahu, Shani, and Ketu in the horoscope. If Rahu, Ketu, or Shani in your Kundli have an effect on marriage-related houses or their lords, then your Kundli indicates that there is a delay in marriage.

Saturn, the main planet of Vedic astrology, is known as the planet of delay. If Shani has any effect on the 7th house or 7th lord, this indicates that your marriage is delayed. We have also found that those with Cancer Ascendant and Leo Ascendant marry a bit later than other people. There may be delays in marriage, even if Leo or Cancer is in the Navansh Lagna.

Rahu and Ketu, which are important planets, can cause problems or delays in marriage. Rahu Ketu’s defect is caused by Ketu or Rahu being in the seventh house of the Ascendant. Some charts also show Rahu or Ketu within the 7th house of the Navamsa chart. This increases Rahu-Ketu’s power, which can further aggravate problems in marriage and after marriage.

Venus is the significator of marriage. The male horoscope also includes a significator of marriage, Venus. Your marriage will be delayed if Venus is weak or in trouble.

There will be a delay in your horoscope from the eighth house.


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By Anurag Rathod

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