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Why is Email Marketing Important for Businesses?

Why is Email Marketing Important for Businesses?

Simply put, email marketing means reaching out to a prospective or an existing customer with an email. Businesses use it to stay visible, send out updates about new products or services, apprise consumers about offers and special deals, or simply to send greetings and notes of gratitude.

Why is email marketing still important for businesses? Emails are the oldest form of one-to-one communication in the digital marketing sphere. But it doesn’t mean that email marketing has grown old. There are about 4 billion email users with over 7 billion email addresses worldwide, 95% of which check their emails every day and that’s not all. About 60% of them also check their spam folder daily!

Think about it. In order to get into any digital platform, social media, and shopping site, users have to register through an email address. This means an email sent to a subscriber will only rarely go unnoticed, unlike promotion on social media and search engines, where the probability of being seen by the target audience is slimmer.

Returning to why email marketing is important, let’s look at the benefits that it holds.

Email Marketing gives focused reached

In most scenarios, the database of emails that businesses have, are of the audiences that had shown some kind of an interest in their brand, products or services. They may be customers or people who are interested in making a purchase. Either way, they have opted-in and signed up for promotional emails to enter their inboxes. As such, half of the efforts have already been taken care of. The other half is to engage them with interesting communication. That is why email marketing is important. If they find something interesting in the email, they will automatically be motivated to click and visit the business website. This is a benefit of email marketing that cannot be overlooked.

Email marketing is for all businesses

As mentioned above, email marketing doesn’t impose a communication or an ad on the audience. It is marketing with consent, and that is another reason why email marketing is important for businesses. These are the segments of audiences that are willing to receive an email in the first place. Thus, businesses have the opportunity to cultivate a long-lasting relationship with the recipients. Email marketing can yield great results even for small businesses. All it takes is sending out highly personalised emails, connecting with the audience at a personal level, and presenting their products and services skillfully. Of course, the nature of the email should match the brand’s tonality and content style, and the ones who are able to create the perfect formulae for email marketing have seen these leads convert to purchases.

Email marketing performance is easily trackable

Tracking the performance of email marketing campaigns is easier as compared to other forms of digital marketing campaigns. That is why email marketing is an important segment of marketing. Even the most basic packages of email marketing software and platforms offer data analytics to track open and click rates, time and region that has been most receptive and so on. Analysing the data received helps businesses to fine-tune the email marketing strategies even further. By optimizing the email marketing strategies, businesses can not only attract the attention of the audience but also influence them to take the next and most important step – making a purchase. And it doesn’t end there. With strategically written follow-up emails, brands can build a long-lasting connection with the customers, eventually encouraging them to return for purchases.

Email marketing generates better ROI

In terms of money matters, email marketing is comparatively cost-effective. Businesses do not have to spend an arm and a leg to reach the desired set of audiences. Incorporating email marketing into the marketing strategy is simpler than developing any other offline or online marketing campaign. And there are greater chances of conversions because the audience is already interested in the brand. This is because businesses can target their audience with highly personalized content based on the history of their interaction with the brand’s website / online stores. In fact, a survey has shown that about 60% of the consumers reported having made a purchase after receiving a promotional email from a brand they like.

Email marketing magnifies the scope for repurposing content

Consider this, there are a number of marketing campaigns on different digital platforms. Over time, the content created for these campaigns can be put together in an email and sent to the database. Repurposing existing content has its own advantages – the actual campaigns will see more engagement, interaction with the emails will be enhanced, footfalls on websites or online stores will increase, the scope of sales will be improved and so on. With a well-developed email marketing strategy, businesses can create a web of interconnected agendas to connect and reconnect with the audiences.

Email marketing offers an array of opportunities for businesses for brand building, audience engagement and interaction, and drive sales. The benefits of email marketing are immense and when done right, email marketing can bring in wonderful responses and help brands sustain their businesses.

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