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The Samsung Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21 Plus, and Galaxy S21 Ultra have only recently roused the world but the Samsung Galaxy S22 range seems to make its name brighter globally including better storage options along with other features. Although it is not officially announced what Samsung s22 would be dreaming up of, some rumors are circulating and exciting Samsung users.

Expected release date:

The expected date of launching Samsung Galaxy S22 is 31, January 2022. So, get ready to start saving your money to enjoy the exciting features of this new phone.

On our own accord, we have gathered some information about Samsung S22 price, processor, storage, camera, extra stylus support, and other features.

Fast processor:

Fast and speedy performance is an evergreen requirement of any mobile phone. As Samsung is providing us its best performances in the form of Samsung Galaxy S21 and Samsung S21, far better is expected from Samsung Galaxy S22. Lag-free efficiency is expected from it to ensure speedy and lag-free performance either during watching movies and playing games.

Rumors are already in the air that Samsung repair would contain Octa-core (1×2.84 GHz Kryo 680 & 3×2.42 GHz Kryo 680 & 4×1.80 GHz Kryo 680 processor.

Improved Storage:

Most of the users buy a phone with maximum storage capacity, as they don’t want to carry the burden of transferring data from phone to computer or their laptop. Most popular phones with high storage you will interact on the internet and in the market are:

PhoneStorage capacity  
Samsung Galaxy S21256GB
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra512GB  
Samsung Galaxy S20256GB  
Samsung Galaxy A72  128GB

As Samsung is providing its maximum storage capacity of 128GB so, more than 128GB is expected from Samsung Galaxy S22. So, if you are longing for storage space you should opt for Samsung Galaxy S22 in the future.

Hidden Front Camera:

To make Samsung Galaxy S22 more attractive and smart, a hidden selfie camera might opt-in for this coming phone. The Samsung brand through its latest technology is trying to make its phone bezel-free. The small-sized sub-display will move down and light will pass through the sensor whenever the user wants to use the front camera.

Micro SD card is demanded:

According to most of the users, the Micro SD card must be brought back in the Samsung Galaxy S22. How long you use your favorite phone you get stuck with the fixed storage and are unable to expand it. This is simply expected from Samsung Galaxy S22 to have a Micro SD card slot. Although the previous generation lacked SD cards, users are expecting and demanding SD cards back in Samsung Galaxy S22.

Continuous optical zoom technology:

This technology sounds to be most exciting in the wish list of Samsung Galaxy S22. It will eventually use a modified version of a periscope lens providing maximum flexibility in the optical zoom. Samsung Galaxy S22 users cheer! This feature is going to provide magnification between 3X to 7X to its buyers.

Sharper display:

Unlike the Samsung Galaxy S21, users do not want to bring down the resolution from HD to 1080p. It seems like Samsung makers tried to save cost but users are expecting to have a brighter and sharper display.

Faster charging:

No matter how expensive a phone you have, the poor charging efficiency will surely step down its users. However, rumors are already circulating before the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy S22 to have a 65W charger this might be making it the most rousing phone in the electronic world.

Longer battery life:

Although Samsung Galaxy 21’s battery performance was brilliant; 9 hours and 53 minutes and under adaptive mode it was 6 hours 31 minutes. Longer battery life is expected in Samsung Galaxy S22.

Improved cooling system:

Some complaints were received that Samsung Galaxy S21 got heated up during heavy loads of work. So, expectations are high to fix this problem in the coming model of Samsung all along.

Partnership with AMD

Current verification of Samsung’s partnership with AMD on integrating RDNA-based GPU to the next generation Exynos for smartphones offers us the perfect representation of what more thrilling features S22 will bring.

After reading this article, if you have made up your mind to buy Samsung Galaxy S22 in the future then comment in the section below.

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