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Web Host Manager (WHM) is a program or tool to access the backend of cPanel. This tool allows offers hosting provider a dashboard to control your cPanel. There are two versions of WHM; The Reseller account has basic WHM. Dedicated server and VPS accounts have a root web host manager that has required root access to the enabled server. Web Host Manager makes it easy to control and manage every single cPanel account on that server.

In this article, you will get all the information about Web Host Manager like, What is WHM, Work of WHM, and Why Use WHM?  It is not too complicated but you will need to understand all about Web Host Manager.

What is WHM (Web Host Manager)?

WHM (Web Host Manager), a powerful and valuable backend program for accessing cPanel. It provides administrative controls to manage each cPanel account on your reseller and dedicated or VPS server. That tool allows you to create, manage, and delete all cPanel accounts, and you can access each cPanel account on your server.

(cPanel is a control panel that helps a user to manage all files and content of their website. It is a backend program. cPanel is very human-friendly and easy to understand.) 

Why Use WHM?

WHM (Web Host Manager) is used for multiple works, helps to manage websites and servers, etc. There are mentioned some reasons for using the web host manager-

For Secure Websites

Web host manager allows a different cPanel for each website. In case, if one site is hacked on your server then others will not be affected. It helps to gain high-level security when you are managing multiple websites.

For Better Management

Web host manager allows you to monitor all activities and movements of all websites. That also allows you to adjust and manage different bandwidths and disk spaces of each website.

For Unique Interface cPanel

When you resell web hosting services, WHM gives you a profit. You can modify the interface of the WHM to reflect the buyer’s brand.

What can WHM do?

WHM allows you to access all backend of each cPanel. Below mentioned the major function of the web host manager.

Create, Delete or Suspend Accounts

You can build multiple cPanel accounts with the web host manager. That allows you to set a default page for each cPanel. If any user broke your agreement you can delete or suspend their account.

Manage and Monitor Server

Web host manager allows you to track and monitor all activities on your server. You also can manage your server storage and change passwords or user names from WHM.

SetUp Hosting Packages

When are providing reseller server services, you can easily set up multiple hosting packages and offers with different prices. 

Reset User Name and Password

With WHM you have access to change and reset, user name or password of each cPanel. In case, if a user forgot the password of his cPanel, you can change it from WHM’s dashboard.

Backup and Restore File Management

With the web host manager, you can activate automatic backups for each and all cPanels. It will help to protect all data. And you can also restore all data.

Why do Resellers Hosting Provider Need WHM?

The WMH is very important for resellers hosting providers. Following are the most key advantages.

  • It helps providers to manage easily all cPanels on that server.
  • WHM is very easy to understand and human-friendly for providers.
  • It helps providers to create, suspend or delete cPanel accounts.
  • It helps to gain high-level security of every single site on their reseller server.
  • It helps in creating multiple hosting packages and offers.
  • WHM allows providers to manage the storage allocation.


Web Host Manager is the most valuable program or tool for managing multiple websites. It is a management tool for cPanel. It helps reseller hosting service providers to manage multiple websites with any complexion. You can easily make a reseller hosting service provider and make multiple cPanels for your clients. Web host manager enabled you to all access each cPanel account on your server. Where you can manage, monitor, and set all data of each site.

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