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It is undeniable that technology plays an important role in our lives. It makes our lives better, faster, full of fun and excitement. Technology is everywhere from smartphones to health, from social networking to businesses. Technology has made communication very easy for the current world, comparing it with the past it has unbelievably changed and improved. Mobile phones usage is now on the next level, many apps that were specific for computers or laptops are now operated easily by mobile phones very smoothly. Technology plays an important part in website development.

Technology And Website Development:

 Website development and CMS Development nowadays is a very trending topic to discuss. The way it has revolutionized in a short period is hard to believe. Current technology has improved web development and enhanced its beauty and operation. Without proper technology information or knowledge, a web developer can’t do anything in this digitalized world. Every web developer should know some specific technology system to compete.


Browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and google chrome. They are also known as the interpreters of the web which shows us information in such a way that we can understand and see clearly.


 It forms the structure of a website.


  CSS is a style sheet that focuses on the aesthetic part of a web. It makes the web looks good by changing colors, fonts, and animation.

Programming Languages:

It is the way to communicate with computers in their language and command them. Such as JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, Python, Swift, Java, etc.


making programming language easy.


grouping of codes.


All your data is stored in databases.


The user of an application. Such as mobile devices or laptops etc. multiple clients can interact with a single installed application.


The requests received by clients are processed here and the server gives responses and information to those requests.


The part of your website that is displayed to your clients or users.

Backend: It consists of servers and databases that are not shown to the users.

Website Development:

  The efforts involved in developing a website or CMS Website for the internet or intranet.

It includes its maintenance, the process to make a website look better, fast, with improved performance, and easily used by the client. It is the coding and programming to enhance website functionality according to the requirements of the head.

  It includes creating plain text pages to complex web-based applications, social and electronic businesses applications. It is a systematic process that must be followed.

  • The information must be gathered for a certain purpose to achieve your goals.
  • Research is very important at this stage as you must start with some basic ideas and implement that basic knowledge according to your need and purpose in your way.
  • Designing your webpage makes your website appearance better and attractive. A rough sketch must always be drawn before starting on your main idea.
  • Good content on your website is very important in the web development process. Creating content with true information helps your engagement with your clients and visitors.
  • Coding is very important for your website or CMS development as it connects all parts of your website for a well-defined structure.
  • Testing your website before your project delivery is mandatory. Test every link, form, script, and even check to spell for typing mistakes.
  • In the end, after all the website development is done its maintenance is very necessary. Not only development is important, but you must keep an eye on its functionality. You should keep your website UpToDate to avoid any issues or bugs.  

Website Development & Small Businesses:

For every business nowadays building a website is very necessary. It is considered the backbone of a business. If you want to start your business with the will to achieve success you should have a website. Whether your business is small or big it should be on the top of your to-do list. According to a study, about 47% of small businesses do not have a website development company. This 47% of businesses are invisible to a large percentage of users who search online for their convenience or busy schedule. This mass doesn’t even know your brand name or existence. In this way, you are losing a great number of clients who could be your happy customers. This shows that building a website is important for your business and it can grow a small business on a larger scale with greater success.

Importance of Website Development In Small Businesses:

 As mentioned above website is the core to running a business. To grow your audience, clients, and customers it is mandatory. If a question arises

Whether a small business needs a website? The answer will be YES!

Here is the importance of website development also CMS Website and its relations with small businesses.


 If you are running a business with a proper website, you are showcasing your products worldwide. An internet user needs only to type your brands’ name and click the search button and your products will be Infront of them within seconds. All the details about your products are showcased on your website with full details. So, the customer feels free to choose any of the given options without any hesitation.

 Marketing Strategy Through Digital platforms:

 Digital marketing helps grow a business than other traditional marketing strategies. It is cost-effective and without any geographical constraints. Less money is spent to reach your customers as compared with paid advertising searches. So, a proper website with true information about your products is necessary. A business should post regular content about their products to attract customers and can lead to other business companies who are not UpToDate in their content.

Displaying your products & Their Details:

 With a proper website, you can display each of your products in an orderly manner that is easily accessible to visitors. The customers can view your whole store through your website. The products should be categorized properly without any mistakes so the customers can easily select their category of interest. Details about the products should be mentioned with proper pictures so that the customer can blindly choose the product without any second thoughts. The website or CMS development gives this opportunity to your business where they can showcase their products with full details so the customers can easily choose according to their need without any physical visiting to the store.

Customer’s Information:

You can collect your customer’s data by putting an option at the end in which they can write down their contact number or email address. This is very important as you can notify them about your new items and even the restocked ones for which they may be waiting for long. This will help in getting them back to your website and your sales will be increased. They can also receive a notification about the sales of the products which can increase the purchase of your product.


With a proper website or CMS Website, a business is marking its existence in the digital world. Nowadays most people are using social networking sites for almost everything. Your business got an identity. The customers can easily know whether your brand is reliable or trustworthy to purchase anything from. They can judge you from the reviews of your previous customers who had a good experience with your brand. This will ensure the new customers more to buy your products without any second thought.


Business without a website is like a child without a mother. The child can live his/her life but with hurdles and difficulties similarly, a business without a website cannot survive the current digital environment. Having a proper website for your business can help you increase your sales and profits. Your credibility and new customers are also increasing. It is the online face of your business investing in developing a website for your business is always helpful and fruitful.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.