SAP ABAP programs

Before diving into the information concerning SAP ABAP Runtime Environment, one must know what SAP ABAP is! Well, SAP ABAP is a fourth-generation programming language that plays a significant role in assisting big corporations in customizing the SAP ERP. Furthermore, it helps in developing the SAP R/3 platform! Additionally, this high-level programming language is also used for the development of different application programs such as:

  • Forms
  • User Exits & BADI
  • Reports
  • Module Pool Programming
  • Interfaces
  • Data conversions

Above all, SAP ABAP aids in customizing its module and workflow for materials management, financial accounting, etc. Moreover, it helps in enhancing SAP-based applications. With the help of SAP ABAP, one can create reports and interfaces.

SAP ABAP Runtime Environment:

SAP ABAP Runtime Environment is a platform that is independent of any database, operating system, or hardware. It is held accountable for processing ABAP statements, responding to events, and managing the screen flow magic. ABAP programs are preserved in SAP DB in two forms such as:

  • Source Code
  • Generated code

Source code is the code that can be viewed and edited with the help of the ABAP workbench. At the same time, generated code is like Java byte code and is a binary representation of the Source code. Both of these codes are preserved in DB.

Ways to create ABAP Development Environment

Generally, there are two ways to develop the ABAP Environment through ABAP Workbench or via ABAP Development Tools.

1) ABAP Workbench

It is a part of the ABAP system that can be accessed through SAP GUI. It features a plethora of tools that help in editing the programs.

# The SAP ABAP Editor is used for writing and editing module pools, reports. Not only this through it, but programs are also maintained.

# ABAP Dictionary is used to maintain the objects of Dictionary.

# Menu Painter plays an essential role in creating user interfaces such as function key assignment, application toolbar, etc.

# Screen Painter assists in making screens and flows logic.

# Function Builder aids in making function groups as well as its modules.

# Class Builder is used for interfaces and ABAP Objects classes.

2) ABAP Development Tools

These are considered as the set of plugins that are used to create ABAP. It is also known as ABAP in Eclipse.

SAP ABAP Program Types

Well, there are two types of ABAP programs, and each of them has a type that can be defined with the help of program attributes. Below stated are the different types of SAP ABAP programs. Have a look!

  • Executable programs
  • Non-Executable programs

Executable programs are further divided into two types – reports and module pools.  However, Non-Executable programs are also classified into different types such as functional groups, object classes, type pools, sub-routine pools, interfaces, and include modules.

On the Whole:

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