Desert safari Dubai

Dubai Desert Safari is a popular desert adventure in Dubai that takes you deep into the heart of the Arabian Desert. You can enjoy numerous activities like dune bashing over dunes, sandboarding down dunes, and belly dancing under the stars. Desert Safari tour offers flexible departure times so that you can start the adventure anytime between 08 am-12 noon with 4-5 hours duration. The driver will return you to your hotel or other preferred location by around 10 pm. It’s an excellent experience to explore the native lifestyle, architecture, wildlife & culture through various activities.

What activities are included in the tour?

Desert safari tour usually begins with a traditional welcome meet & greet by your Arabian guide at the arrival location (pick up from hotel). Your adventurous journey will start with Dune Bashing over the dunes of the spectacular desert, a camel ride with belly dance, including a barbecue buffet dinner, and traditional folk music.

After you are done exploring the Arabian culture, you will move on to Sand Boarding down the massive sand dunes of the desert before having an overnight stay in the desert camp. The next day morning, you can enjoy an optional early morning hot air balloon ride with breakfast before going back to your hotel.

Activities in Dubai desert safari

Dune Bashing

Desert safari Dubai begins with a memorable dune-bashing adventure in a 4×4 SUV by driving over the soft sand of the desert. Dune bashing is the perfect way to begin your desert safari tour and feel like an off-road pro in no time. The popular dune bashing spot in Dubai is the Liwa oasis area which makes you explore untouched areas & scenery of the Arabian Desert. You can go as extreme or slow as you want on the massive dunes before taking a break for refreshments, snacks & photos. 

There are some preplanned routes of different difficulty levels for Dune Bashing available for all age groups so that everyone can enjoy themselves, whether new or experienced. You will be given a brief introduction to the safety guidelines before embarking on this thrilling journey.

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Desert Safari with Camel Ride

Experience the true tradition of Arabian culture & lifestyle through an exhilarating camel ride during your desert safari in Dubai. A massive golden dune provides you with a fantastic backdrop, where you will enjoy belly dance performances by local dancers who are part of your desert safari tour in Dubai.

 You can capture memorable pictures while enjoying live folk music DancDance. Your professional photographer will take vibrant photos, so don’t forget to bring your camera. If you plan to go for a Desert Safari Tour In Dubai, make sure that you include the Camel Ride with belly dance in your tour.

Desert Safari Overnight

Dubai has so much to offer beyond the iconic landmarks and skyscrapers; one such adventure is Desert Safari overnight which takes you deep into the heart of the Arabian desert. Dubai Desert Safari offers a unique experience as you fall asleep under a roof of stars after enjoying a scrumptious dinner buffet at your desert camp. 

A Bedouin-style mattress & pillow are provided for an overnight stay in comfort during your journey with all modern amenities like a toilet, shower & proper ventilation system to enhance your sleep quality.


During your desert safari tour in Dubai, the most thrilling activity is Sand Boarding or sand sliding down massive dunes using a sandboard. It is a perfect way to feel the excitement of sliding down dunes on your own. 

It is essential to learn how to use this traditional yet modern form of the board so that you can easily master it within no time. You are free to go fast or slow at your own pace down the sand dunes during Sand Boarding, so if you are interested in speed, then don’t forget to ask your guide for any special arrangements.

Belly Dance Show

Desert Safari Tour offers a belly dance show after dinner, which includes performances & live music by local artists. This show provides you with insight into Dubai’s traditional culture & lifestyle. 

You will also get to enjoy popular Arabic dishes like hummus, falafel, mansaf along with cold refreshing beverages during the belly dance show in the Dubai desert safari tour.

Quad biking

As the name suggests, quad biking is one of the most popular activities during the safari tour. If you are looking for extreme adventure during a Desert Safari, then a quad bike excursion will be your ideal choice. 

Desert Camping

During your Dubai desert safari Tour, you will stay overnight in a traditional desert camp made up of luxurious amenities like a toilet & shower to make your journey comfortable and unforgettable. A Bedouin-style mattress & pillow are provided with a proper ventilation system to enhance sleep quality.

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