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Laravel is quite popular worldwide Wondering why? Because it helps developers to build projects with an excellent framework for web applications. So, the demand for laravel website development company will grow in the next few years.

Reports show that Today 1.3 million websites use the laravel framework which includes 285,000+ websites hosted only in the US.

Simply, it is easy to use and pocket-friendly which makes it useful and also gives a tough stand to other software. Over 20 million web domains are around the globe that uses is not limited to the bigger companies. But also startups have adopted this framework because of its user-friendly approach.

In this blog, you’ll get an insight into the development of laravel and how you can make your laravel website speed up. So let’s get in.

What is Laravel development?

Laravel is a well-documented framework that is used to develop websites and web applications. It is one of the most popular programming languages used around the world which supports PHP programming language.

Taylor Otwell created larval by using Symfony this development is made to enhance the functionality of the PHP framework.

Laravel provides structure to your website design and development. It can be used combined with other software. You can hire laravel Developers they can build bugs free website and use laravel to build an amazing websites by using pre-programmed modules.

There are two basic features you’ll understand how laravel works.

  1. Laravel uses a scripting language that is PHP which helps developers to work faster.
  2. Secondly, laravel use MVC which is a model view controller that uses three components.

6 Quick & Easy Ways to Speed Up Your Laravel Website

We all hate when the speed of loading is slow, most of us leave the page in between loading sessions. Web development company provide services to enhances the performance of your laravel website.

So it’s quite important for the business to maintain its website under the 3-second threshold.

In the next section, we shall be discussing 6 quick and easy steps to speed up your laravel website mentioned below.

Route Caching 

It is an excellent feature that helps apps in configurations.  The route is packed in a single command that helps to reduce the hard task and your website pages load faster. 

Also, route caching helps laravel to bring pre-compiled cache from routes rather than having to start from the ground for new users.

Cache gets expired when a user leaves the website so it is important that the route-cache command every time after making structural changes to the website.

Optimize  Composer

For different dependencies, laravel uses a separate tool which is called optimize composer. When you install composer it automatically loads dependencies into your system by default which is useful for developing a website.

When your site is fully working they are no longer in the need. Be careful while loading these commands that you do not eliminate any runtime dependencies.

Reduced autoloaded services

The aim of laravel is to make the development process easier when you launch laravel it auto-loads a large number of service providers that help you get started on your project quickly.

For a instance, you don’t require a view service provider or session service, provider. By simply disabling services you can easily speed up the working process

 All you have to keep in mind is that you don’t remove any important services and put yourself in trouble.

Use artisan commands and cache effectively

Artisan is a quite popular command which comes with laravel. This help developers to carrying complex task they can also use it to generate commands and conduct test.

By using the artisan command you can boost your app performance. Keep that in mind.

Reduce package usage

Laravel is an open-source framework that is quite popular which makes it release a new version of an existing package. You can use them freely and direct them into your application. Before installing any new packages to any application few things to keep in mind.

Firstly, all new versions aren’t designed for the same work but they are created to perform a broad range of functions. So before adding any new package to the app check their dependencies so that application performance will not be suffered.

Upgrade to the latest version of PHP

It is most important to upgrade your PHP to the most latest version like any other code or program. Using an up-to-date version helps you with security patches and fixing bugs. Your performance can suffer if you use an old version of PHP

Many developers don’t know the fact that the older version of PHP makes slower the performance of the app. So it is better to use the current PHP version for outstanding performance for faster execution of fibers, requests, and cache.

You can use the latest version of PHP i.e PHP8.1  it works in all environment which is beneficial for the platform’s capabilities and optimize their app for maximum efficiency and speed.

So these are the points that help you to speed up the performance of your laravel website. By keeping them in mind you can enhance the performance of your website or You can hire laravel web development services that delivers high quality website.


Laravel is the most popular PHP framework which is used by most developers around the world. This is quite popular because of its several features and is easier to use.

Performance is the most important feature when it comes to the online presence of a website and when you are outing a lot of money and resources on it. It’s obvious to expect high-quality UX.

If you are a laravel developer and want your website performance will enhance you can follow the above points and you’ll get a positive result. You can easily maintain a smooth-running website by following  these points and build laravel website.

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