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5 Ways to Improve the Performance of Your Company’s Internet

5 Ways to Improve the Performance of Your Company’s Internet

Every year, businesses lose up to 30% in revenue due to poor internet, according to a study conducted by International Data Corporation. Therefore, one of the best ways of improving your business is boosting your internet connection. If you’ve been experiencing slow internet connection in your business premises, there are excellent ways to fix the issue and become more productive. Keep reading to discover how you can improve your company’s internet today.

Purge the “bandwidth hoggers”

The maximum amount of information that can be relayed over a network connection at any given time is known as bandwidth. Since your company’s internet bandwidth is limited, you could be experiencing internet connection issues because you have applications that consume too much bandwidth. Therefore, you need to assess your applications to understand the amount of bandwidth they’re using at the moment, and then delete or restrict them as necessary.

Some of the applications that often hog bandwidth are video-streaming applications and applications used to download large videos. As you do that, come up with a plan to regulate your employees’ internet use, or simply find a way to let them understand why and how they should avoid the bandwidth hoggers.

Consider upgrading your router

A router links your phones, computer, and other devices to the internet. It allows you to control the amount of bandwidth for each one of them based on the purpose of the device. However, this precious box can limit the amount of bandwidth you to access depending on its current condition and model.

Upgrading the router can help you achieve better coverage by eliminating any “dead zones” in your business premises where there is a weak or unstable internet connection. As you scout around for the most appropriate product, you can consider looking into the mako 4600 network appliances to take advantage of the latest Wi-Fi technology that prioritizes communication speed and range.

Check your computer systems for viruses

Today, many businesses experience poor internet performance due to viruses. Spyware and other viruses usually operate on computer devices in the background, consuming a lot of internet bandwidth. According to Microsoft, computer viruses often attempt to propagate themselves by sending copies of themselves through e-mail. Since they multiply at a very high rate, they tend to disrupt the internet bandwidth, thereby slowing down simple tasks. Checking your systems for these malicious programs regularly and removing them can boost your internet speed enormously and improve your efficiency and productivity.

Contact a local network service provider

You may also work with a network service provider to solve your internet problem. These organizations usually work with businesses to increase their network reliability and internet speeds and often tailor their solutions to match their client’s unique internet needs. A good service provider should be able to inspect your network infrastructure, monitor your networks to discover issues before they cause connection problems, and detect bottlenecks.

They can also give you valuable insights into the best ways to maintain optimal internet connection throughout your premises depending on the nature of your business, and how to prevent internet problems during your operations.

Check your office hardware

If you’re using outdated computer hardware, you can expect to face internet connection issues. A slow computer and router can take longer than usual to run simple tasks, especially those that require internet access.

If you’re still using outdated hardware, you need to be proactive in prioritizing your hardware updates to make sure your organization’s processes are fast.

Besides this, you may need to consider switching to a wired connection if the internet speed you’re receiving from your internet provider is inadequate. Wired connections usually deliver faster speeds compared to wireless connections, and that’s why many businesses use Ethernet cables to maximize slow networks. If you still want to continue using your router, make sure the distance between the hardware and your wireless adapter is shorter, and that there are few metal objects disrupting the signal as much as possible.

There are many ways of improving the internet connection in your company. To increase your chances of success, you can start by checking your computer systems for viruses, upgrading your router, purging unnecessary applications, asking for help from a local network service provider, and upgrading your computer hardware.

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