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Rudraraja Engineering and Consultant is an ideal option if you are looking for specialised PLC and Instrumentation design training for industrial purposes. Rudraja has been working in the field for 15 years, with a hundred percent customer satisfaction. 

They have different types of calibration services as well such as NABL calibration, Pressure instrument, and temperature instrument. These calibration helps determine the accuracy of measuring devices or equipment to give accurate and reliable data. You can have detailed information about their services by visiting their official website. Here, we will talk about the calibration services. 

NABL calibration

NABL calibration stands for, National Accreditation Board of Testing and Calibration Laboratories. The NABL calibration framework assesses and certifies the competency of India’s calibration laboratories, instilling trust in their dependability and allowing the acceptance of calibration findings both nationally and globally. 

NABL certification is recognized by several Indian government authorities and regulators through integrated assessments with FSSAI, EIC, and APEDA, which streamlines the recognition process.

Pressure instrument

Pressure instruments employ a variety of sensing technologies to measure, monitor, record, transmit, or regulate pressure in liquids, gases, or vapors. Pressure instruments are critical for industrial automation, process control, and test/measurement applications, and proper selection and calibration are required for accurate monitoring and control. You can check the specifications of this device on the official website of Rudraja Engineering and Consultants. 

Temperature instrument

A temperature instrument is a device that measures a system’s thermal state, expressing its degree of hotness or coolness, utilising various concepts and technologies. Temperature instruments, whether contact or non-contact, are used to monitor and regulate thermal processes in a variety of sectors, including industrial automation, HVAC, medical research, and scientific research.

Measurement and control of industrial process systems is an important area of engineering, especially in the petrochemical, oil and gas, and power sectors. Controlling variables such as pressure, temperature, and liquid level is frequently accomplished with measuring equipment and conventional control systems.

Instrumentation is widely used to collect field data and adjust field features. An instrumentation engineer who is responsible for monitoring and controlling engineering systems, machines, and processes using equipment that has been planned, produced, installed, managed, and/or maintained. Instrumentation engineers operate these systems and procedures with safety, effectiveness, and efficiency.

Apart from these three features, there are other services provided by Rudraja Engineering for the smooth functioning of the big industries. These services include design instrument training, PCL automation, smart plan instrumentation training, electrical and instrumentation work, and intools training. You can rely on them for the best industrial solutions and the utmost customer satisfaction. 


Calibration is an important procedure that ensures the accuracy, dependability, and traceability of measurements across sectors. It entails comparing device readings to a calibration standard to detect and rectify inaccuracies. The National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL calibration) accredited calibration laboratories in India to international standards, permitting acceptance through mutual recognition agreements. Rudraja Engineering and consultants play an important role in offering knowledge for calibrating projects.

Because of the complexity of the job, choosing the correct engineering consultant is essential. To choose the best partner, clients should establish their requirements and evaluate the firm’s portfolio, reputation, and cultural fit.

Interested readers can visit the official website of Rudraja Engineering and Consultant. 

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