Biometric Attendance

Generally, we find daily up-gradation in the technologies in every walk of life, and a biometric attendance system is also not untouched from it. We have noticed recurrent changes in this technology, starting from manually registering the employees’ log-in details to a seamless automated attendance system. The technological advance helps us to create, develop, and accomplish our goal of attaining proficiency in the field of biometric attendance system. Now in the wake of a global outbreak of coronavirus, the demand for a TOUCHLESS facial attendance system has soared up. The employers must provide a safe and secure recognition system to their employees, as the government has already banned biometric attendance. So KENT RO SYSTEM Ltd. has presented yet another breakthrough technology, in the attendance management field, KENT CamAttendance. This new advanced attendance system is TOUCHLESS, and it works with Artificial Intelligence based computer vision for face detection & recognition. And with the use of AI technology, this pre-eminent attendance machine has got inbuilt cognitive abilities similar to any humans. Here the icing on the cake with this device is that, although it has the thinking and analytical skills of humans, it has negligible chances of making a human error. It works with more than 99.9% accuracy.

And now when it is clear that coronavirus is going to stay here with us, and there are hazardous aspects linked with the biometric attendance system. So, let us get insights into this tech-savvy KENT CamAttendance, and quickly chalk down some advantages connected with it. We will also know how it has become a panacea to all drawbacks associated with the hitherto used attendance machines. 

Data Leakage Susceptibility:

Since the biometrics terminal reads employees’ unique features like iris, fingerprint, palm print, vein details, DNA, and much more, and the biometric master data is always vulnerable to get tampered with and leaked. We come across hundreds of cases where hackers gain access to these details. And the catch here is that our banking and financial information are linked with the biometric Aadhar card. So this increases the higher risk of tampering with the banking details illegitimately. KENT CamAttendance saves entire data on an omnipresent cloud server with AES 128-Bit end-to-end encryption with HTPPS company protocol for communication. So with this current attendance device, it is next to impossible to get access to the essential personal details of any employees. Nonetheless, here the data is only the facial information, so even after getting tempered, it may not cause massive loss to the users.

Available with Cloud App and Mobile App:

The demand for a TOUCHLESS attendance system has soared-up in the aftermath of the fatal CORONAVIRUS outbreak. So, KENT CamAttendance comes with two apps, a cloud app, and a mobile app. Both these app provides flexibility to the users to maintain the attendance system seamlessly.

  • Cloud App:
    The breakthrough linked with this web-based application is its direct linkage with the 24*7 available cloud server. It uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) based computer vision to detect the face of the employees and then compare it against the stored photo. After successful matching of face, the “cloud time and attendance system” pops up the message that the attendance is marked successfully. The cloud attendance system works flawlessly with > 99.9% accuracy and stores complete information with AES 128-bit end-to-end data encryption with HTTPS protocol for communication. With the cloud app, users can link multiple devices from multiple office locations to the centrally controlled cloud server.
  • Mobil App:
    In addition to the web-based cloud portal, KENT CamAttendance “mobile attendance system” can be used on mobile phones too. This application presents a lot of flexibility to users, as they can manage their attendance related needs even when they are on the go. Such ease of usage will surely make the biometric attendance system obsolete and outdated. This Next-Gen attendance system has inevitably become a must-have device by solving all problems and plugging the loopholes hitherto present in the older designs. The mobile app comes with the geofencing option, where the employers can fix the boundary of their office location. 

So KENT CamAttendance with its flexibility of cloud app and mobile app, the biometric attendance system is going to be wiped off from the workplace. The KENT CamAttendance is a fully automated recognition machine, and it comes with lots of next-gen appendages like forming sync between the shift & roster with the existing HRMS of any organization. This linkage can help in cutting short the work of the human resource department by half. And it allows the maintaining of work in any organization flawlessly and effortlessly. Now, what are you waiting for? Upgrade your obsolete biometric attendance system with the pre-eminent KENT CamAttendance attendance control system industry.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.