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Uber has become a global brand. Started its entrepreneurial journey in 2011, San Francisco, offering doorstep affordable taxi services to the people.

Gradually, the taxi business began to multiply and the rest is history. Entrepreneurs are now investing in Uber like an app that allows offering more than just taxi on-the-go services. The app owner can use this White-label Uber Clone App offering Uber taxi rental services, Uber like Moto ride and moto rental services, On-demand delivery services, parcel/logistics services, etc.

For those who are still wondering what is Uber Clone App is, here’s a brief explaining.

Uber-like Clone App – On-demand Taxi Booking Solution

Uber-like taxi booking app solution is inspired by its original concept of Uber Application. The functionalities are similar however, the source code of the Customized Uber Clone Script has advanced-level features that can be changed as per the evolving traveling necessities.

Uber Clone Revenue Models 

For businesses who are venturing for the first time as well as those already running taxis, businesses can benefit from On-Demand Taxi Booking App.

This On-Demand Uber like Taxi Rental Services can do wonders to uplift your business. If you are wondering how an app can earnings, let’s explore:

Commission on rides 

Every ride booked using your app will receive a commission. It is the most visible flow of your revenue, a primary source that allows app owners to earn in a hassle-free manner.

Different ride choices – different commission 

With the assistance of this feature in your Taxi Booking App, you will be able to offer freedom of choosing from the different rides. For instance, a rider chooses a bigger vehicle, which tends to generate more revenues.

Surge pricing during peak hours

Even hiking the price by a few cents to a dollar during peak hours can result in a generous accumulation in the revenue. This should include office peak hours, holiday traveling, school hours, weekend rush hours, etc.

3rd party ad banners

It is one of the most liked revenue generation models that allows the app owner to showcase the advertisements. These advertisements are in terms of Ad Banners from the third parties when displayed on the homepage can earn you hugely.

Location wise promo codes and push-notifications

The Uber Clone App solution for taxi business comes integrated with marketing features like Location-wise promo-codes and push notifications allowing the admin to set as per the location wise. The app owner can geo-fence the location/region targeting specific users thus increasing revenues.

Referral program

Asking your users to refer your app to others in exchange for some trip points or promo codes to use in their next trip will stimulate them to give it a try.

Latest Features Of The Uber Clone Taxi Booking App

Any Uber clone script for your business consists of a driver app and a passenger app. The process of Taxi Booking App Development relies on these 2 apps which are interconnected to the admin panel. For depth detail, here are some of the basic features of the Uber clone taxi app include:

  • Taxi booking iWatch App
  • Restricted driver’s fraud
  • Location wise push-notifications
  • Cookie consent popup
  • Using Firebase for mobile number verifications
  • Covid19 Safety Features – Face mask verification, safety checklists, safety ratings and reviews, restricted passenger limits, ride cancellation

Benefits Of Investing In On-Demand Ride-hailing App Solution like Uber

The advantages of launching an app like Uber are innumerable. 

The taxi-ride booking app is built on a robust framework with seamless UI/UX offering smooth navigation to the users. Available in Android and IOS for a better and wider customer base.

The taxi booking app has a transparent work process when it comes to fare prices. The prices are decided by the app owner that works on the cart type and mode. The app comprises “Restricted Driver’s Fraud” that stops the driver to mark arrived before reaching the pickup address.

The New Uber Clone App has introduced the latest feature “Apple Watch iWatch App”, allowing your Apple Users to book their taxis by tapping on their apple watch.

These freshly designed Uber Clone App features are designed keeping in mind the challenges and the pain points of the Users, Drivers, and entrepreneurs. 

Investing in Uber Clone Script can be a money saver as well as a time saver, not taking more than 7 business days to launch the app in the market.

Building a Uber Clone App right from ground zero will require investing huge and excellent resources which eventually raise the cost of paying them, retaining them, etc. On the other hand, purchasing a ready-made Uber Clone Taxi Booking Script comes with a one-time investment of the licensed code offering 100% customization.

Buying a Ready to Launch Uber Clone App allows your taxi booking app to transform and quickly launch the taxi business digitally.

Buying Only White-labeled Uber Clone Taxi Booking App

The White-labeled Source Code of Uber allows Admin to do 100% customization. Hence, the admin can make changes and re-do them as per the taxi business requirements.

Having purchased a white-labeled Uber Clone Script solution means there is no need for technical assistance to make the changes.

Insist on buying Uber Clone App from a reliable app development company like CubeTaxi, so that you can put in more productive hours in your business helping to scale up instantly. 

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of Appclonescript.com, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.