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These days digital marketing become an essential part in any product promotion. And through Digital marketing platform company can improve their online visibility and reputation. There are different types of digital marketing methods and tools.

Let’s discuss digital marketing and all you need to know about its types.

What is digital marketing?

It is the online method of marketing which uses different method and techniques to advertise and promote their product which will help them generate revenue and sales by promoting products and getting organic traffic on the website.

What are the types of digital marketing?


SEO deals with unpaid or organic search results which are populated by Google based purely on the base of merit.

Generally, there are two types of seo one is ON PAGE SEO deals with writing an engaging content by targeting proper keywords.

Off-page SEO is creating external links, to the money site. However, link building is and art and you have do it very carefully, it can improve your rankings as well as it can also damage your sites authority. So it’s up to you, how you use it, you have to keep track of all your links. Tip: Do not link to poor authority sites. Must check it that site has organic traffic or not. Avoid spammy sites.

  2) SMO (social media marketing)

Social media marketing is used to build with the audience and build your brand by connecting on a different social media platform.

Instagram, Facebook, Quora, LinkedIn, Pinterest are the common platform used by marketers.

   3) Content marketing

Content marketing is used to create unique and relevant content to attract an audience. All you have to do is understand what is the need of the customer. No matter what type of content you create either in a blog or written form or through images or videos it should connect to the audience.


Pay per click deals with paid search results on google and involves     bidding on specific keywords that will garner the traffic for your website. You can use Google planner and Google Adwords to identify and carry out research and arrive at the set of keywords that are popular and cost-effective for you. You can also use Facebook, Instagram and link din as your PPC strategy.

  5) E-mail Marketing

Email marketing is a way of sending commercial messages to a group of people via email.

In the broadest sense, every email sent to a potential or current customer could be considered email marketing. It involves using email to send advertisements, request business, or to increase sales or donation. E.g. Mail chimp is very popular platform for mass mailing and we had used it for our new project on electric vehicles.

  • These are the main categories of digital marketing and are mostly used by most marketers and businesses to boost sales. Hope you enjoyed this article, please comment and let us know what’s your views. Also, we are eager to know if you have any suggestion.

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