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How many types of body polishing & toning?

How many types of body polishing & toning?

People take professional help for a variety of skin care treatments, including polishing & toning. Here, the expert skincare specialists conduct full-body exfoliation techniques for removing dead skin cells and moisturizing your skin. 

Also, the practice of body polishing helps with the regeneration of healthy skin cells as well. 

To note, this technique serves essentially as the precursor to other skincare treatments. The salon professionals typically offer full-body polishing services to prepare their client’s skin before adding wraps or other treatment procedures. 

Different variations in body polish and tone offered at Zoylee

After you download and use the Online salon booking app-Zoylee, you can get in touch with a variety of vendors, professionals, and offers. 

Related to polishing and toning, you would notice particular types of services and products available. They are listed below. 

Salt & Oil

Many of the expert skincare professionals opt for mixed solutions of essential oils and salt. Here, it is important to choose types of salt like minerals or sea salts in finely granulated form. As for the oil types, selecting essential oils with a moisturizing effect is most suitable. 


During the body polishing steps, the experts utilize loofah products to apply the cream onto the skin efficiently. Also, this is useful for scrubbing the dead skin cells off without hurting the skin. 

Sugar & cream

A lot of the professionals at Zoylee choose the sugar scrub formula for polishing & toning. Typically, the mixture is composed of granulated sugar with creams or oils. To note, sugar has natural glycolic acid content, which helps with treating discoloration, smoother skin, and acne treatment. 


Many skin care specialists create a mixture of herbal oil and exfoliating scrubs for body polishing. Moreover, the most popular types of ingredients used in these mixtures are lavender, rosemary, and aloe vera. 

The skincare therapist would choose the scrub mixture best for your skin type after careful evaluation of the surface layers.


Many skincare experts prefer applying fruit-based body scrubs for natural exfoliation. Edible ingredients like strawberries, lemon, oatmeal, lime, and grapefruit peel oil are beneficial here. Indeed, these items contain natural components that clear the skin layers efficiently. 

For example, strawberries contain Aphy Hydroxy Acid while almonds have high Vitamin E content. In such mixtures, experts add fruit oils and crushed seeds for a nourishing effect on the skin. 

Strawberry & Sugar

The combined effect of strawberry and sugar does work as a body polishing formula. Take some strawberries and blend them all into a pulp. Include 4-5 tablespoons of sugar as well as a little bit of almond oil. 

Afterward, one should mix them together to form a coarse paste-like substance to apply. Then, experts leave it to dry for 10 minutes approximately before washing the paste off.

Few precautions to take when body polishing is involved

Before opting for a body polishing treatment, you should make sure that you know what precautionary steps to take. In this context, remember the following points well.

Stay clear of sunburn

To protect the skin after getting a body polish or toning treatment, one should avoid getting sunburned. Indeed, direct sunlight can react against your skin and boost discoloration and skin drying. 

So, you should apply SPF-protected sunscreen each time you complete the body polishing session. Besides, if you have sunburnt skin already, you should avoid getting the treatment at the time.  

Look out for an allergic reaction

Many people have a skin type that can react adversely with particular skincare products, even with natural ingredients. This is common in case the person is allergic to a particular product, like oil, lotion, or fruit. 

Thus, in case the professionals apply homemade scrubs for body polishing, inform them beforehand if you have an allergy to any particular ingredient. 

Make sure you do not have diseases

People who have certain medical conditions do not suit certain body polishing scrubs and techniques well. For example, cancer patients notice intense reactions against this service and skin reactions after the treatment.

Ask for side effects of body polishing

Keep a watch for any kind of side effects that you get after this treatment. Usually, this happens in the scrubs you used that have any chemical products within. In many cases, they cause damage to the dermis layers.

Refrain from soap bars 

After completing the body polishing steps, experts advise against bathing with soap bars. Indeed, soap would dry up the skin and remove all of the moisturizing effects of polishing.

DIY vs salon treatment: What is the difference?

For gaining the benefits of polishing & toning techniques, people can get professional help or manage it as well. There are benefits to both options, and the benefits of both choices are available here. 

Personalized skin care:

For at-home polishing treatment, you would get a variety of ingredients to try out. However, as per experts, it is best to check the reaction of said ingredients on your skin first. 

For appropriate exfoliation, ingredients like sugar, salt, ground coffee, ground fruit or nutshells, and rice bran clean the skin naturally. To note, it is best to avoid stone fruit pits in ground form, like apricots or peaches. Also, avoid ground nutshells like walnuts. 

Use a suitable oil base, between olive oil, jojoba oil, and coconut oil. Also, include other natural ingredients like aloe vera, honey, particular herbs, essential oils, and fresh fruit. Here, select ones that have known skin benefits.

Choose from a variety:

Clients have the option of downloading the Online salon booking app-Zoylee and opting for the service choices available. Indeed, professional skincare treatment would benefit you well since the experts are trained in these practices. 

Thereafter, they can offer the best-personalized treatment for you. There are notable options available for users to select if they desire professional-level salon treatments.

  • Anti-cellulite polish- The professionals at salons use natural-based products with stimulating ingredients that boost circulation. 
  • Tan optimizing polish– This polishing technique is useful for preparing the body of the client for the stray tanning application.
  • Glow enhancing polish- Here, the salon experts employ moisturization-centric products and essential oils to nourish and soften the dermis layers.


For the best treatment of body polishing and toning, you should take the help of experienced and verified professionals. While doing this method at home is possible, the skincare specialists can deal with the side effects better. 

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