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Pre-wedding shoots are getting popular nowadays and a perfect time for the ‘to-be-wed couple to spend quality time together and cherish those moments. Depending on the couple’s choice, the location of their pre-wedding can differ from historical monuments to local city gardens to an international location. Taking help from your Wedding Planner NJ will surely make things easy for you.

If you are searching for pre-wedding shoot ideas, then this post is for you. Here you will read about some unique, adventurous, and romantic pre-wed shoot ideas.

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International location

Pre-wed shoots are all about capturing beautiful memories, and planning your pre-wed shoot in an international location is a great idea. Bride and Groom can also utilize this time to know more about one another and plan their wedding. Here are the top five pre-wedding shoot locations – Australia, France, India, Thailand, Greece. These international locations are popular among couples for pre-wedding shoots. You can also ask your wedding planner to help you manage things during your pre-wedding shoot.


Want to make your pre-wedding shoot adventurous? Then this idea is perfect for you. The underwater pre-wedding shoot is a great idea to create adventures and unique memories with the love of your life. Underwater photography is a bit different from traditional photography, so make sure you hire the best photographer for your pre-wedding shoot. Start searching for the best location for underwater pre-wedding to turn your dream into reality.


This pre-wedding shoot is the best way to capture and create beautiful memories for couples that love nature. Shooting on hills will help you capture beautiful memories with greenery in the background. Shooting on hills in cozy weather will allow you to have a pre-wedding moon as well.

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There is no other idea that could match this pre-wedding shoot idea. Beaches shoots are popular among wedding couples and a perfect romantic pre-wedding shoot location. Everything about beaches, from palm trees to white sand to blue water in the background, makes the whole setup picturesque. After your pre-wed shoot, lay in the sun and enjoy a beer with your lover.


There is no other romantic pre-wedding idea that could match this one. Everything about this pre-wedding idea, from the boat, water, and beautiful scenery, makes the whole setup picturesque. One popular pre-wed picture that you must have seen over the internet is shot from above while a couple lay down in a romantic pose. This pre-wedding shoot idea will surely help you capture romantic and beautiful moments with your loved one in your arms.

Bike Ride

For couples that love to ride and want to capture pre-wedding in an adventurous way, this idea is perfect for them. With a pre-wedding shoot on a bike, you can capture those lovely memories in a video rather than going for the traditional way of clicking pictures. Choose a unique location for a bike ride and start recording those romantic moments in an adventurous location with a lovely song in the background. Ask your Indian wedding planners to help you find the best videographer for the pre-wedding video shoot.


These are the top six pre-wedding shoot ideas from our side that are unique and popular among couples. It doesn’t matter which idea you choose; make sure you enjoy those lovely moments with your better half and create beautiful memories. Do tell us which pre-wedding idea you like the most in the comments down below.

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