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Advanced Truck Technologies for Driver’s Comfortability

Advanced Truck Technologies for Driver’s Comfortability

With an increase in e-commerce, the demand for truck drivers is rising, which has to point to a few modifications in transportation business trends to keep up with the supply and demand. Specifically, new ones have been created to take the burden and stress off fleet owners and drivers. Therefore, these new technologies are transforming the face of trucking for the better. There have been various new developments that have helped make truck drivers’ lives easier.

New technology, specifically trucker technology, has been created to make drivers’ lives easier and help ensure their safety. New truck driver technology consists of electronic logging devices, GPS tracking, mobile apps and voice activation. Today, we will analyze the different types of trucker technology used today and how it can help make drivers lives easier

GPS Tracking

Many truck drivers use GPS tracking to get their freight from point A to point B on the most efficient route. Some GPS units can give drivers additional information about their journeys, such as bridge weight or different diesel prices along their journey. GPS tracking has not only changed trucker’s lives, but customers’ lives as well. Using GPS tracking helps customers track packages they have ordered to see where they are in their shipment journey.

Voice Command

The advantage of voice commands can allow truck operators to perform multiple tasks without taking their hands off the steering wheel. Although truck drivers want to use many applications, they cannot even take their hands off the steering wheel for which voice command is the most appropriate technology. Also, with the help of the voice command feature, truck drivers can easily access multiple applications in the cabin. Therefore, voice commands have become major in-cabin navigation and electronic logging devices, helping make drivers’ lives easier while driving.

Self-driving Semi-trucks  

This technology is an essential factor influencing the transport system. For example, self-driving semi-trucks are gaining attention in the trucking industry to handle and fill the shortage of truck drivers. This technology is already being produced, tested and discussed by government officials to set rules for self-driving machines.

Self-driving trucks will free the freight business from the fight against its biggest obstacle – sleep. Truck drivers are in a race versus time to reach their destination before time. But, the government says they need to rest. With the help of this technology, the truck drivers will not need to drive in the middle of the city, which eliminates all the chances of the vehicles getting into an accident.

Autonomous Trucks

Due to a lack of truck operators, the thought of autonomous trucks has instantly gone from just a plan to a reality. Autonomous trucks could be applied to drive long, plain highway miles until a driver is needed for the delivery’s more difficult, last miles. In addition, there have been several new improvements executed throughout the trucking industry that have positively impacted the well-being and protection of truck operators. It will be interesting to see what new technology emerges in the coming months that will continue to change the industry.

Electronic Logging Device 

After the ELD mandate went into effect, all truck drivers were required to have an ELD placed inside their cabin to record driving hours. ELD’s also allow drivers to share records of duty status and worry about less paperwork whenever they are driving. In addition, many ELD’s are compatible with different tablets and smartphones to make them more convenient for the truck driver. Nowadays, several trucks are less with this technology like the SML Samrat truck and many more.

Driver Facing Cameras

Over the last many years, hundreds of thousands of freight trucks in the government have been equipped with machine learning algorithms to analyze drivers’ behaviour. For example, they can detect how many times per trip drivers pick up their cellphones, get distracted while driving, or even look fatigued when they’re behind the wheel. Moreover, as a form of fleet management, driver-facing cameras are an excellent resource for drivers to decrease liability in the case of an accident. 

The benefit of having a driver-facing camera is to warn drivers whenever they are distracted or too tired. In the end, trucking businesses like us save a lot of money by reducing the chance of an accident by applying this type of technology.

Trucker Apps

In the trucking business, it’s never a bad idea to make things more comfortable for your drivers, especially when using technology to increase performance and protection on the open road.

Apart from this, new truck apps are being created to make the life of truck drivers easier. With the help of which the truck owner gets complete information about his vehicle and the truck drivers.

We believe this relevant information will be beneficial for you. However, if you require more information about trucks and their technologies, please connect with us and wait for our next blog. 

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