10 Travel Outfits for Women to Look Stylish in The Next Trip

Despite having lots of clothes in the wardrobe, women always chant one line: I don’t have enough clothes. The situation gets more critical when they plan to head for a trip. Are you feeling the same? Let’s go more further! During travelling, you want to have enough comfortability and at par to stylishness.

So, no matter you’re planning for a beach vacation or a European tour, it’s always wise to plan your clothes. So, take a small tour of the 10 best travelling outfits that will make people jump off their seats looking you styling on your next trip.

High-toned Airport Outfit:

Picking an outfit for the airport is not an easy task. But considering comfort as a key will make you look like an off-duty celeb. So, be casual with a black tee, skinny jeans, aviator sunglasses, and don’t forget the brown coat and neutral-coloured scarf. Be a little kind with your toes and wear a pair of sneakers.

Layered Dress: 

This has become a must-have piece for every woman’s wardrobe. It adds a dash of attitude, creating a great sense of style. There is a range of pattern and colour options available in the market. So, you can choose the best for yourself and shed one or two layers on your body. If the place is too cosy, then you can carry a cardigan or sweater on hand.

Crop Top with Maxi Skirt:

Wow, I just love it! Its versatile look, suiting every body shape, is what makes this pair so popular. How about the monochrome style? Match your top with your bottom in solid colours. Don’t forget, similar shades are not gone out of style. To complete the look, pair it up with simple and elegant accessories and good-looking sandals.

Shorts with Top and Jacket:

Three-piece clothing is currently a top-notch fashion style. This pairing looks great for any vacation. So, button-down your denim shorts, craft them with a tank top and cardigan sweater on it. Add white canvas low top sneakers to this look – ta-da; the ensemble is complete. Remember, no accessory is needed for this look except attitude.

T-shirt and Soft Pants Combo:

The cotton crew tee and soft pants – best combo ever! You must opt for a not-too-loose but not-too-tight pair and the one that looks breathable. The combination is thin yet opaque and comes in various prints and colours. You can even wear this while boarding the flight. Lastly, pair them with flat sandals.

Polka Dot Outfit:

Polka dots outfit in the form of a t-shirt, skirts, or dresses is having a major moment now. Generally, it comes in combination with ruffles, wrap style, and puff sleeves. It is best for evening dinners. If you add summery accessories, then the vintage motif – polka dots will make you look classy.

Leather Pants with an Unstructured Blazer:

Leggings games are not for travel diaries. Knock them out with leather pants of your choice. Pair the same with a tank top and an unstructured blazer. Footwear – you can go as per your preference, but we think leather boots will look particularly awesome. Further, opt for a brown colour blazer as it looks dressier and chic.

Denim Skirt with the Shirt:

Many say, the denim skirt is out of fashion now, but the situation is vice-versa. All thanks to fashion influencers and trendsetters who’ve given this trend a comeback! The best part is, they can be combined with lots of beautiful outfits. So, pull over your black leather jacket and wear it with the shirt or top tucked in over your blue denim skirt. If you want to make it sexy, then just wear a strapless top over it.

V-neck Jumpsuit:

This is called a sexy update in your wardrobe. Whether you want to attend the club or go out for dinner, this V-neck jumpsuit is the one-and-done dressing that you need. Though they come in a range of colours, red looks super stunning as it is a statement piece of its own. Wear a summer hat if you’re going out for a beach day and make yourself look stand out.


A little black dress is a must for any kind of travelling; they always look classy yet not basic. When you go out shopping, you will find many styles for little black dresses. All you need to see is your comfort in wearing it. From an open backless little black dress to a voluminous one, the list of its style is endless. So, women, pick the best dress and let it speak fashion for you.

Hopefully, you got your outfits for the next trip. But if you are out for festivities, then even these 10 great festival outfit ideas would work for you. Take notes of it and feel like less of a tourist and more of a wanderer.

Author Bio:

Hi, I am Olivia Robinson, a writer, and blogger by profession. As I’m a wanderer, I share my experiences through my write-ups in a way that it’s understandable and appealing to the people. I aim to achieve a difference through my writing, which allows my readers to make informed and valuable choices.