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With the advancements in digital technology over the past decade, mobile apps have begun to influence even the most minor aspect of our daily lives. The advent of mobile app usage has completely changed the way people book, travel, shop, transfer money, buy groceries or fulfill their daily needs. And for all this, technology has played a vital role in improving app developing companies to enhance their services and deliver the best user experiences.

With every passing day, mobile app development technology is changing, and hence, businesses must upgrade or improve their existing or upcoming apps. Mobile is the way of the future, and if you are not primarily focusing on the development process and following the latest trends, it could hurt your business. With 2021 just around the corner, developers try their best to bring in the essence of the newest technology and create revolutionary mobile apps.

If you want to update an existing app or create a brand new app with the latest technologies in the world of mobile app development, this blog is for you. Here we have posted the top 11 technologies that will revolutionize the mobile app market.

1| 5G technology

Known as the 5th generation mobile network, 5G technology is the latest technology that will redefine smartphones and create new opportunities for people and businesses in various fields. As a next-generation mobile connection, 5G offers significantly faster speeds, extremely low latency, and the ability to connect multiple devices simultaneously. From breakthrough opportunities to improve safety and sustainability to transform industries, engage education, immersive entertainment, and more, 5G offers app developers tremendous potential to explore technology at its best.

2| AI & Machine Learning

The rapid growth of AI & Machine Learning has made these technologies an integral part of mobile app development to transform the way people use devices and conduct business. From writing powerful algorithms to creating intelligent apps that can recognize human behavior, AI and machine learning have so much to do with the mobile app development landscape. Chatbots, facial recognition robots, etc., expect to bring more capabilities to mobile apps, which means users will tend to get more privileges from AI and ML to receive, collect and process information in real-time.

3| Wearable technology

The pandemic has pointed to an explosion of interest in wearable technologies that can do everything from detecting oxygen to tracking contacts to collecting user fitness data. These devices are increasingly becoming the future of consumer technology as they are convenient and have multiple applications depending on the need.  From simple fitness trackers to sophisticated smartwatches, head-mounted displays, bright clothing, and intelligent jewelry, the benefits of wearables are too many to resist. Wearable technologies have moved beyond fancy prototypes to provide breakthrough services to serve various business, customer, and enterprise purposes in the truest sense of the word.

4| AMP technology

AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages is a lightweight version of HTML developed by Google. By incorporating AMP, even content-heavy websites can accelerate their speed across different mobile operating systems. High performance, low bounce rates, and fast loading speed are the main highlights of AMP in the future.

5| M-commerce

As the demand for online mobile shopping apps increases daily, this technology is becoming increasingly important for online marketers. According to statistics, e-commerce sales will account for more than half of total e-commerce sales in 2021. Therefore, it is sure that m-commerce will continue to grow in 2021, attracting more users and generating more revenue.

6| Virtual reality (VR) and Augmented reality (AR)

AR and VR are two technological aspects that have changed how we look at things in this digital world. These technologies create resonant applications that can interact with the natural world and provide interactive and engaging customer experiences that help you increase brand loyalty and drive sales.

7| Blockchain technology         

Blockchain has proven its worth in many practical situations across industries and is now so advanced that it can develop mobile applications. A blockchain is an excellent option for secure online commerce, as it allows even the most complex data to be protected by encrypted security. The world of mobile app development has recently begun to harness the power of blockchain in a significant way. Its package also builds a competitive advantage for companies looking to integrate this technology in the long term.

8| Cloud computing

The global cloud services market expects to grow at a CAGR of 14.9% from 2020 to 2027. Cloud-based mobile app development offers many valuable benefits, including the ability for developers to choose their preferred platform, reduce development time, seamlessly integrate databases, and improve the user experience.

9| Internet of Things (IoT)

Businesses see this technology as the future of mobile app development, allowing them to streamline processes, save money and create better user experiences. From open source development to hybrid app development, the creation of new platforms, and the emergence of innovative companies, the rise of IoT will undoubtedly pave the way for the increased use of AI algorithms and take data analytics to a new level.

10| Assemblable devices

As technology changes, foldable smartphones are the hot topic of the moment. Their flexible display technology, which includes an electronic visual display, allows developers to create great applications that deliver high-quality visual experiences across multiple platforms and windows. Responsive design, advanced UI/UX, ease of interaction, and multi-functionality across numerous screens are exciting features of foldable smartphones that will increase competition among developers.

11) Beacons and location-based services.

Beacon technology expects to grow significantly globally between 2020 and 2030, and it will take off with smartphones, IoT technology, and sensor-based electronics. Mobile application technology has helped us stay connected anywhere, but location-based services are also becoming more common. When data is connected to smart devices and easily transmitted, location-based search and interaction become more accurate and accessible. The possibilities for beacon technology in location-based marketing and location-based technology are simply endless, including enhanced offline capabilities, in-store marketing, advanced data collection, and Google My Business listings.

Final thoughts:

Having discussed all the major mobile app development trends that expect to prevail in 2021, it is now time to understand that current technology trends have redefined mobile app development as we have known it until now. Emerging mobile app technologies, microservices, backend platforms, and the latest hardware features will continue to change. The battlefield for developers and top app development companies in India  will remain as competitive as ever. Change is a constant. That’s why it’s essential to introduce new tools and techniques into your products and services that are more likely to help you grow and stay ahead of your competitors.


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