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Panama is full of scenic landscapes, has impressive towns and cities, and is the place for a vacation getaway. You can find fantastic beaches and islands along the Pacific and Caribbean coasts and house coffee plantations, waterfalls, and some excellent hiking trails. You can also find modern shopping centers here. Make reservations with Southwest airlines official site  to book your tickets to Panama right now!

The Beaches of Bocas Del Toro

Bocas del Toro is Panama’s leading destination in the Caribbean. This collection of low-lying tropical islands, shortly from the border with Costa Rica, is widely renowned for its outstanding soft-sand beaches lapped by crystal-clear, azure-colored waters.

The atmosphere here is very relaxing, with many young travelers coming to the place and, in some cases, staying for months or years. Things you can do in Bocas del Toro include surfing, swimming, diving, or simply lazing on the beach. Activities are generally affordable.

Although you’ll find luxury resorts with infinity pools, this is often a budget-friendly destination, frequented by mainly singles or couples. The most town, also called Bocas del Toro, or just Bocas Town is found on Isla Colon. The city itself isn’t known for beaches, but you’ll find lovely stretches of sand on other parts of the island or by taking a ship to nearby islands. A number of the foremost popular are Bluff Beach, Starfish Beach, and Red Frog Beach.

Sunset Coast

One of the only a few places in Panama where you’ll watch the sunset over the Pacific, the Sunset Coast is a place where you can explore small towns, wide-open beaches, and some number of lodges where you can escape from the tourist scene.

The road right down to the Sunset Coast from the Pan-American Highway is twisty and features a few potholes to dodge, but every mile takes you extra off the beaten track.


The city has a relaxing atmosphere to it. Some of the appeals here are good restaurants and a mixture of quality hotels and luxury inns. It is also one of Panama’s most vital coffee-growing areas and is referred to as a tourist’s spot for nature and wildlife, particularly hiking and birdwatching. Visit Southwest airlines official site to know more about traveling to Panama City and get amazing deals on flights.

Los Cangilones

One of the things you can do when you’re near Boquete is take a dip inside the local swimming hole at Los Cangilones. You can come on a hot sunny day and feel refreshed entirely while you’re there. You can have barbecues there, live music performances, and food vendors. If you’re daring, you can take a jump off the edge and have an adventurous time. 

Pearl islands

This place is awe-inspiring as this mysterious island is full of pearls and looks pretty fascinating, and it lies 40 miles southeast of Panama. This used to be the place where pearl mining used to happen. You can visit here to be in complete awe and have a fun time with your loved ones and a chill day outdoors.

El Valle de Antón

El Valle de Anton may be a town and nature reserve settled within an old volcano crater that rises to 600 m above water level. Its diameter reaches almost 5 km.

The jungle is carved by a group of tourist routes leading from one attraction to a different one. The surrounding forests are steeped in orchids and, therefore, Panamá Flor del Espíritu Santo (The Holy Spirit’s flower). This place is lovely and is a sight worth visiting. Visit Southwest airlines reservations website  to know more about traveling to Panama City and get amazing deals on flights.

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