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Constructing a landing page for your app i.e. both visually convincing and high-converting is exceptionally important. This stand-alone page could be the difference between the success and failure of your entire business or idea.

Because app launches require so much time and money, there is a lot of pressure placed on how this landing page (aka splash page) will perform.

In this article, we will showcase examples of the most stunning landing pages online, as well as walk you through a step-by-step process on how to build your own.

Importance of Mobile App Landing Page

The mobile app landing page is precisely made for endorsing your mobile app. It mustcall your app’s features and worthproposal so that visitors are attracted to click it, download, and install.

Due to this, the first interaction between your product and a probable customer, the landing page for the mobile app should be clear about whatare the problems your app solves. This can be your only chance to influencetouriststo try it and the first impression always counts!

This means that you need to design the app’s landing pages not just for the web but also for the phone. You should also have reactive landing pages that adjust to the device the customer is using, and that excludes inessential content when a user is on mobile.

Elements of an Operative App Landing Page

1. Call to Action

The purpose of your app’s landing page is to thrust the operator to the call-to-action (CTA), which should be to click the download key that directs them to the app store.

2. Headline

The next important element is your headline. It’s the first entity the usergrasps. Make sure it talksabout the worth of your app. It shouldn’t beentertaining or cunning. It just has to drive the point home that the reader needs your app.

3. Body Copy

The core body copy is where you increase your value proposition and benefits. You need to provide as much copy as will answer a reader’s unspoken questions and satisfy why they were motivated to get to your landing page in the first place.

4. Social Proof

You’ll requirea certainkind of social proof. A particular way for the user to see that your app is responsible.Generally, apps showcaseshining user reviews or recommendations from big-name customers.

5. Attractive Media

The lastcomponent of any kind of app’s landing page is factual that makes it stand out the visuals. These are the chosen images or videos that add judgment candy to your page.The goal of your visuals is not to build lovely app landing pages but it is to enhance the section that the body copy tells.

Top 5 Mobile App Landing Page Examples



Why this is a great landing page:

  • Background color changes with each new content section, allowing more focused reading
  • Creative design with custom fonts and illustrations
  • Strong copy in the second half of the page



Why this is a great landing page:

  • Stunning design and branding
  • Very clear call-to-action
  • They ask for your “work” email (as a work-related collaboration tool, this is very useful information)
  • Doubled up on social proof: millions of people + big brands



Why this is a great landing page:

  • Stunning colors, gradients, and visuals
  • Clever use of “tooltips” to highlight the different features within the app
  • Interactive before and after instance of image amended with the app
  • Use of icons succeeding to the title for rapid scanning

Google Duo

Why this is a great landing page:

  • Oversized fonts and product shots you simply can’t miss
  • Powerful messaging that evokes emotion
  • User engagement examples that are positive and compelling
  • Beautiful autoplay video showcasing a live demo



Why this is a great landing page:

  • Oversized fonts that are extremely easy to read
  • Social sign up – Great use of the words “continue” instead of sign up
  • Use cases are demonstrated to highlight the benefits of the product

A visually convincing page decides the sale of the app. It is important to choose the perfect app landing page and a professional can only help you to get the job done.


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By Anurag Rathod

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