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Thanks to the pandemic that surged the demand for questionnaire/survey tools. The practice facilitates decision-making while getting the employing business actionable insights into the customer journey.

Not only this, these online survey tools have been proven to greatly enhance the response rate, encouraging authentic and impartial responses.

Whether you’re on an off-the-cuff search for Product feedback, launching a product, or planning to devote more efforts to your best-sellers, survey tools come in handy and get the right responses in time.

So, provide your customers with a voice with these top survey tools that deliver higher response rates and quality data without any fuss.

Are surveys crucial for business development?

Surveys help entrepreneurs in growing intimate with their business needs. Though both non-electronic and AI-powered surveys help businesses in exceeding the standard service criteria. However, online surveys are far more convenient than manual ones. With efficient questionnaire tools, businesses can build a quality survey that also at a fraction of the cost.

As a growing business, you maximize your efforts to ensure an unparalleled outcome at the end. Businesses need to know that nothing makes a customer feel more appreciated and valued than feedback. Feedback makes them feel that their opinion matters, which makes the business earn both existing and one-time customers into loyal customers for life.

Besides, surveys are great for shifting the focus of your subscriber base and to prepare them for a change in your offerings. Also, feedback makes the audience feel that they are always a part of every transition.

Focused objectives are exactly why online surveys are so high in demand.

Now let’s get into some most-sought-after survey tools that help in shaping a super survey. These online survey tools sketch a precise picture of the consumer’s inclination while raising the distinct trends to the eminence.


KrogerFeedback is another survey tool that streamlines accurate and precise data collection very cost-effectively. The software defines the goals of the survey, keeping transparency at the core of the survey.

Visit to see the interesting offerings of this exceptional questionnaire tool that incentivize the respondents, allowing them to win fuel points on every authentic feedback.

The tool ensures a smooth experience from the start to the very end of the survey, revealing accurate data that gets your business to perform at its best at every turn.

The incentives that Kroger’s survey tool offer keep customers motivated. With enhanced functionality, Koger’s survey tool ensures that you gather reliable data that helps in meeting the stated objective.

The software emphasizes keeping the audience at the core of the survey by offering incentives for feedbacks, resulting in higher response rates.

SurveyMonkey’s study has revealed that incentives boost response rates by 50% on average.

Google forms

Google never leaves a chance to flaunt its versatility. From being customizable to fostering objectivity to keeping the surveys relevant, this questionnaire tool encompasses all the great features that foster super surveys.

This survey tool lets the user create effortless forms with no limit for surveys and respondents. Google Forms help you customize the design to make it align with your specific needs. What makes Google Forms outshine the rest is that it offers complete functionality without requiring to upgrade to a premium version.

Even after being a free survey tool, Google Forms offers user-friendly features with a drag & drop interface. The software gave its users the option of crafting visually pleasing with striking images and videos.

Aside from SoGoSurvey, Google Forms is the only questionnaire tool that offers entirely free skip logic and page branching.


Besides being free, SoGoSurvey is a valuable survey tool with a complete suite of functionalities. The best bit about this tool is that it offers you customer service support even if you’re not a paid member.

SoGoSurvey is a super easy survey software. Users can choose from a wide variety of survey templates and ‘survey banks’, considering their specific needs. You can also use the type of questions you want to ask based on Net Promoter Score, demographics, and text. Survey invites can be dispersed and tracked through email or social media too.

With SoGoSurvey, you can seamlessly track things that make your customer happy versus the things that don’t.

Survey Monkey

SurveyMonkey is a resourceful survey tool that lets the user create custom surveys with 15 question categories with vigorous reporting of the results and minimal customization and templates. Initially, survey Monkey comes free for the first 10 questions and 100 responses per survey and starts at $26 per month for unlimited questions and 1,000 feedbacks per month.

Probably one of the leading names in survey apps, SurveyMonkey offers the best mobile survey experience. Unlike most survey apps that let you gather responses on mobile, SurveyMonkey allows you to form, edit, collect responses, and evaluate results on small screens. Also, everything you operate on the mobile automatically syncs with your desktop account and vice versa.

Besides, this highly acclaimed software lets you send customized thank-you notes to respondents, create to-do list items based on the responses, and much more with absolutely no manual work.

Survey Planet

The free plan of Survey Planet is robust and quite practical. Survey Planet offers limitless surveys, questions, and respondents. Also, it contains an assortment of survey theme options and embedding.

Survey Planet’s pro version starts at $20/month with a heap of other features as well. If you plan to upgrade, you can remove the Survey Planet branding, print survey results, and include visuals to make your questions more compelling.

However, users can export data to Excel only with the Premium version.

Still, wondering if investing time and efforts in survey tools is worth it? If so, know that gauging customer satisfaction is can direct your marketing efforts in the right direction, allowing you to address the concerns of your target market.

Not to mention, learning more about the target market never let your efforts go in vain. Instead, gathering crucial details about the targeted audience always helps in enhancing the customer experience.

By Anurag Rathod

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