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How many times have you thought about quitting your current job and moving? Or thought about living in a country that isn’t bothered by cold weather because it’s always sunny and warm? When people think about such a place, many think about Canada. But like any other country in the world, the country has its fair-share of troubles. Despite that, the country has developed a reputation around the world, with peaceful people, high level education and prospering business.

Canada is one of the most beautiful, and happy places around the world, as it is ranked 11th on the happiness chart according to the World Happiness Report. With its perks and beautiful sceneries, the Trans-Tasman country has tremendous job offers that earn you a proper living. The nation famously known for its domination of the cricket world, the country also offers luxurious lifestyles to doctors, and engineers. However, in recent years The I.T sector has grown exponentially as well, and there are some of the country’s top paying jobs in the I.T Industry. Working in a country with pretty weather and peaceful people sounds like a dream, such as an application developer in Canada earning over 100 thousand U.S dollars. But it’s all true.

But there is a huge list of jobs in Canada, here’s a list in no particular order and brief discussions about a few top paying jobs in the country.

Construction Manager

Canada’s building industry is ever growing, as the country is as big as Europe with only 24.6 Million people inhabiting the land. Hence why the construction manager is one of the top paying jobs in Canada, with the average earning of a construction manager revolving around 78 thousand U.S dollars. Tasked with managing laborers, contractors and architects, the construction manager’s job is ensuring a smooth construction process without any delays or problems. In order to become a construction manager, you will require a civil engineering degree or a certificate in construction technology.

Project Managers

The basic job of a project manager is as the name suggests, to manage and deliver projects within their designated deadlines. Plan, design and execution according to client compliance are some of the examples of a project manager’s job, as well as leading the team. With salaries around 80 Thousand U.S dollars, project management is one of the highest paying jobs available in Canada.

Analytics Manager

Professionals known as Analytics managers use the skills and understanding of the industry, then put that information in perspective to make decisions accordingly. Mostly they gather data and translate it into information that prepares the company or brand in order to achieve sales goals, and proper customer satisfaction. An Analytics Manager’s average salary is around 83 thousand U.S dollars.

IT Manager

The job of an IT manager is planning the tasks and coordinating employees from different departments so the company may deliver a project in time. Much like a project manager, IT managers oversee projects, plan and design them in order to deliver them before their deadlines. Salaries for IT managers in Canada revolve around 90 thousand U.S dollars per annum.

IT Systems Architect

Perhaps the highest paid job in Canada with earning over 98 thousand U.S dollars per annum, the job of an IT Systems Architect is to oversee computer systems that operate inside a company or organization. Their job description includes cost analysis, up to standard adherence, server administration and troubleshooting.

Web and Application Development

Some other respectable and high paying jobs include Python Developers, who work with one of the most popular programming languages. With over 2500 hundred vacancies around the country, a Python Developer earns about 70 thousand U.S dollars yearly. A web developer bags 56 thousand U.S dollars a year, while a mobile application developer services Canada earns about 88 thousand U.S Dollars per annum. Other in-demand and well paid jobs include Data Scientists, Telecoms Technicians and DevOps Engineers.


Almost all of the above mentioned jobs aren’t just high-paying, they are high-demanding as well. As most of the technology related employees work around the clock, it’s tough to find a break in the ever-demanding world of technology. But it’s hard not to get tempted to work in a country where the warm atmosphere, weather, and fresh air has become the country’s symbol around the world. Due to covid-19 we have work from home facility options. And we have Work from home productivity apps available to increase our productivity while working for the above mentioned post.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of Appclonescript.com, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.