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Top 8 Sustainable Cycling Destinations in the World

Top 8 Sustainable Cycling Destinations in the World

If you’re an active person that is always looking for new ways to exercise, you’ll surely like cycling. Not only is it eco-friendly to work out outdoors but it will also allow you to see some majestic sights that the world has to offer. Once you take up cycling, you will constantly be on the lookout for the best trails that you can try out. With that in mind, take a look at the top sustainable destinations that you should consider checking out.

Enjoy the magnificence of Nepal

Often recognized as one of the greatest mountain biking destinations on the globe, Nepal offers diverse terrain and stunning scenery that you are sure to enjoy if you decide to visit it. It’s best to start in Pokhara, which is home to the country’s classic routes such as the Kali Horseshoe and stunning views of the Annapurna Massif. After you’ve tried the trails in this area, you can try a mile-high climb to the Kathmandu Valley rim and enjoy the downhill ride back to Kathmandu. While this is recommended to those with a little bit more experience, you should add it to your bucket list and aim to conquer it one day.

Explore the backroads of Cambodia

Another country you can think about visiting during your trip to Asia is Cambodia. There are so many interesting sights here you can explore on two wheels. For instance, the lively capital of Phnom Penh will show you what contemporary life in Cambodia looks like. Then, you can also take a trip to the country’s biggest attraction – Angkor Archaeological Park. The temple of Angkor Wat is the largest religious building in the world but is only one small part of the whole complex that will take your breath away. Moreover, you will be able to pedal among rice paddy fields, lush national parks, and magnificent palaces. You can finish your holiday with a trip to the Cardamom Mountains.

Try the delicious wines of South Africa

South Africa is full of amazing rides that you are sure to enjoy. If you’d like something a bit more demanding, you can pack your mountain bike and opt for the Nedbank Tour de Tuli. This adventure will take you through South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Botswana. On the other hand, for a more leisure experience, you can also opt for a cycle tour of the vineyards of South Africa. Besides traversing the Karoo desert and the Koo Valley, you might also spot some whales and penguins as you make your way to the sea.

Take a family bike ride in Australia

In case you’re traveling with kids, you want a nice family-friendly trail that every member of the family can enjoy. With that in mind, Australia is home to countless places where you can spend time with your little ones. For instance, the Darren Smith Memorial Route in Gold Coast, Queensland is a bike route long 48 kilometers that you can cover in sections or at once. Most of it is by the coastline so you can take in the stunning views as you pass along. Furthermore, you can also stop to take a dip or play on one of the many playgrounds. While the route is kid-friendly, don’t forget to properly equip your little ones with kids bikes, helmets, gloves, and pads.

Focus on nature in Vermont, USA

When looking for a real escape to nature, look no further than the Green Mountains in Vermont. The people of this US state are very fond of sustainability and bicycles are a big part of that culture. For example, you can try the 70-mile loop over the Appalachian Gap or tough it out for 11 miles of the Middlebury Gap climb until you reach the top that will welcome you with breathtaking vistas. On the other hand, even if you want to explore the local food and brews and spend some time in the city, the Burlington area is easy to explore by bike as well.

Discover the trails of Canada

Canada is yet another country that comes with a wide array of interesting bike trails. For instance, if you find yourself in Quebec, why not try La Route Verte? It spans more than 3,200 miles and provides cyclists with beautiful river and mountain views. The route has helpful signage as well as plenty of places where you can rest. Then, there is also Nova Scotia’s Cabot Trail that passes through quaint villages and comes with stunning vistas. Lastly, for a big adventure, you can cross the North American continent by cycling the Great Divide that runs from Alberta, Canada to the Mexican border in New Mexico.

Tour Peru by bike

Exploring South America by bike is another undertaking you can opt for if you’re up for a challenge, seeing as how countries like Argentina and Chile have incredible bike routes to offer. However, on your trip, you should not skip Peru either. You can start by exploring Lima’s most famous sights and hidden corners before going to the countryside and cycling through the Sacred Valley. While in this country, don’t miss out on the stunning Inca sites. Put on your hiking boots and go on a tour of Machu Picchu. Peru is full of history, archeological sites, and gorgeous sights that you don’t want to overlook.

See more of Spain

Lastly, if you’re exploring Europe, there is a lot you can see as well. For instance, the Baltic countries are a wonderful destination if you want fairy tale towns and untouched nature while you can also ride the lakeside cycle paths of Austria, Switzerland, and Germany. However, when you find yourself in Spain, don’t skip the opportunity to ride through the Galician countryside. Although many people opt for the Camino de Santiago as a pilgrimage, this route is also popular among hiking and cycling enthusiasts.

This UNESCO World Heritage trail is more than 250 kilometers long and you can follow it along at your own pace. As small rural hotels are available for when you need a break, you can plan out your trip as you please and enjoy the wine valley and lush countryside. At the end of the road, you will witness the majestic cathedral of Santiago de Compostela.

No matter if you’re an avid cyclist already or just a beginner looking to explore new trails, it’s always fun to look for new destinations to visit on your cycling adventures. Keep the above-mentioned eight in mind.

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