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Peru: Parks you must visit when you are in Lima

Peru: Parks you must visit when you are in Lima

In Lima exists many free parks where you can walk, play or have a picnic with your family and friends. Keep reading if you are planning to go to Peru and if you want to enjoy your visit in this country without wasting much money.

Parque John F. Kennedy (Miraflores)

Yeah, this park has the name of one of the presidents of the US, John F. Kennedy.

This is an iconic park in Miraflores and the favorite for all the tourist who visit Lima. This Park is in the heart of Miraflores, a district from Lima, the capital of Peru. 

Near here you can find many stores where you can shop, restaurants, in here you will find any kind of food, from typical Peruvian food to pizza or burguers. Also, there are many artisans shops where you can buy souvenirs for your family and friends.

One of the things that make this park the favorite for peruvians and foreigners are the cats. When you are walking through, you’ll be able to see and to caress them. Also you can adopt a cat but only if you live in Peru and if you meet all the requierments that they ask you. You might wondering why this park is full of cats? Some people says that many years ago this part of the district was surounded by rats and the people who lived there left their cats to finish with the rats but then cats reproduced and now this park is known as the park of cats.

The entrance to this park is free and it’s open 24/7 so everyone can enjoy and visit this park.

Parque del Amor (Miraflores)

The name of this park in English is Love park and this place is visited every day for many people, especially couples. This park was inaugurated for Valentine’s Day and this is a famous place because many couples come here to see the view of the sunset. 

In the middle you’ll see a sculpture named “The kiss”, this artwork was made by the artist Víctor Delfín and this figure is the center of attention of this park.

If you´ve searched pictures of Lima you might see many photos of this sculpture with the sunset so don’t miss the chance to have your own picture in this iconic place. 

Parque de la Amistad (Surco)

This park is the most important in Lima and has history, the mean feature of this place is the huge arch and it represent friendship, and that why the name (Friendship park). This arch was a gift of Spanish colony to Peru and it was located in Arequipa Avenue but then the president ordered the demolition of this arch to amplify the streets of this avenue. In 2001 this arch was rebuild and inaugurated to the public in the presence of the kings of Spain.

This park is located in Santiago de Surco, a distric from Lima. This park is for everybody, there are water fountains, steam train in which you can take a walk and an artificial lagoon with pedal boats in which you can stand next to duck and fishes.  

The park is free, but some attractions are priced like the train ride and pedal boats, but don’t worry because these are cheap, less than a $2 costs each of the attractions.

If you’re looking for a place to have fun with your family or friends you have to visit this park. 

Parque de las Aguas (Lima)

This park is known as Parque de la Reserva or Circuito Mágico del Agua, the attractive of this park is the water, here you will find shows that consist of water shapes that are synchronized with colorful lights and sounds.

This place has a Record Guiness for being the biggest group of fountains in a public park. 

This park is open of Tuesday to Sunday, since 15:00 pm to 22:30 pm and the price is less than $2, this is a perfect place to spend the time and have fun with your family, but we recommend you visit this park at night because at this time you will be able to see the whole show of brightly colored lights and water. 

Parque de las Leyendas (San Miguel)

If you love animals you must visit this park. This is the most traditional zoo in Peru. All the animals in this park are divided by zones: coast, highlands and jungle, these are regions of Peru and this is why the animals are representative of these places. In the coast you will find animals like penguins, pelicans, turtles and sea lion. In the highlands there are condors, andean fox, llamas, pumas, vicunas, etc. And last but not least, in the jungle you’ll see parrots, snakes, crocodiles, jaguars and many kinds of monkeys. 

But these three zones aren’t the only, there are others zones like international animals, the big cats are the stars of this zone, in the “Felinario” there are tigers, jaguars, lions, bears and pumas. Also, in this section you’ll see hippos, giraffes, zebras, bears, ostrich and more. Finally we have the baby zoo, one of the most visited zones to everybody who loves the baby animals. 

This place is very complete, the botanical garden is a different choice to enjoy the view of many flowers and learn more about plants.

This is a perfect park to spend the day with your family, see wonderful animals and be in contact with the nature.  

Parque el Olivar (San Isidro)

The name of this park is for more than 1500 olive trees. This park is emblematic in the district of San Isidro. This park is very old, it’s said that it was opened since the sixteenth century. This place was built during the century XVI. Because of its age and the beauty of this park made that it was declared National Monument in 1959.

This forest and all the green area are the lungs of Lima to counteract the pollution. This park is really big, many people come here to have picnic, sit on the grass or walk with their friends or their pets.

In here, there is an artificial lagoon where you can see fishes through the water.

Another activity you can do in this forest is the birdwatching. Peru is the third country with more variety of birds in the world. There are 22 exotic species of birds in the whole park. The birdwatching is hobby that is gaining more followers year by year. 

This activity is perfect for everyone, no matter the ages. You can watch the birds in the morning and afternoon. 

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