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ServiceNow provides many easy to utilize arrangements, workflows and items for an association. The association can build up the altered applications and modules according to the business necessity utilizing the ServiceNow scripting and existing devices. With the help of Servicenow training, you can get immense knowledge in the subject. In this article will be discussed about the important tips and hacks of servicenow to work effectively.

What is Servicenow?

ServiceNow is a cloud based platform that was for the most part created for workflow and process mechanization according to the ITIL standards. Nonetheless, it is exceptionally customisable and furthermore can be utilized for different purposes. ServiceNow, an American based organization and was established in 2004 by Fred Luddy. It has an extraordinary route for naming its variants. The naming of the adaptations depends on the significant urban areas of the world. The most recent variant of ServiceNow is Orlando.

ServiceNow Tips & Tricks

Useful for : IT/ Fulfiller Users

1. The most effective method to view advancement in performance in the event that you discover gradualness to open up the structure in the framework.

  • Move  to Settings Icon on the right side of the profile Name.
  • Choose System Settings > Forms
  • Alter the Related list loading preference from “With the Form” to “After Form

Loads” – for minimal enhanced execution.

  • “With the Form” to “On-Demand” – for phenomenal execution (records would get stacked distinctly upon click over there)

2. How to view the structure “Neat and clean” rather than a lengthy vertical layout?

  • Turn on ” Tabbed forms”

3. Frequent Traveler – If they need to see every single record in various time zones other than framework time region/local profile time region for active meeting, how would they change and how to deal with Attachment efficiently?

  • Go to Settings Icon on the right side of the profile Name
  • Select  “General”
  • Alter the Time Zone esteem according to your decision. (It would be appropriate as it were for an active meeting. While logging out, it would be returned as your User Profile time zone automatically)
  • You can “Drag and Drop” numerous connections from your local drive at a time

rather than browsing and uploading it under any of the record (Incident, Problem, Service

Request, Change etc.)

4. How to function across various records/frames across ServiceNow where required?

  • <SHIFT>-<Click> on a hyperlink to open in a new browser window
  • <CTRL>-<Click> to open in a new browser tab

5. Spelling check of scripts under Description/Long Text Fields : If red underlines aren’t

enough to catch your eye, recall that you can generally spell check long content fields.

click the “ABC Checkmark” icon to the right of the field name.

6. How to Generate Ad-Hoc Report from “List View”?  If system-defined views or dashboards are not adequate for your need – What to accomplish for your everyday work?

  • When seeing a list of records, right-click on a column header to make an ad-hoc.

Pie Chart or Bar Chart. Grow the report header to refine the report.

  • When seeing the list of records under Problems/Incidents/Changes/Tasks and so forth.
  • Glance in the left most column to see the personalization “Cog”. Snap it to customize it and adjust columns dependent on your requirement and save it(selected columns)
  • Click on Filter Icon and fabricate your own complex inquiry with AND/OR and numerous more logical operators.
  • Fabricate your own question and “Run”. On the off chance that you need to see the condition developer each time you load the list- use pin symbol ( Pin/Unpin Filter Icon)
  •  If the same question should be utilized or alluded to as an ideal opportunity for your everyday work , if it’s not too much trouble, save and name the channel as “Critical Tickets – first March Onwards.
  • Saved Filters can be utilized any time dependent on your requirement later and decrease the effort on everyday premise questions.

7. How to make Favorites/Bookmarks for a simple customized view route?

  • You can make bookmarks in different situations recorded as beneath
    • Modules in the application guide
    • Breadcrumbs
    • Connections in records (counting lists showed in flyouts)
    • Reports
  • It requires just drag and drop to the Edge
  • Bookmarks/Favorites could be customized with relevant Icons/Text.
  • Select on Edit Favorites


A portion of the significant contributions and most broadly utilized administrations of ServiceNow are clarified here,

  • IT Service management: ServiceNow is principally utilized as a ticketing apparatus to handle issues and changes. It has many progressive highlights, examinations and insights which impacts the speed and conveyance of IT.
  • IT Asset management: With ServiceNow, we can deal with our software and hardware resources for enhanced cost and increment effectiveness. ServiceNow has highlights, for example, permit management, guarantee management, CI administration, progressed detailing and experiences, and so on.
  • Finance operation management: ServiceNow deals with every one of the exercises identified with financial close and automates the monetary cycles.
  • HR management: ServiceNow can be utilized for practically all HR conveyance administrations like timesheet management, leave management, new onboarding management, representative archive management, execution management, and so on.

ServiceNow likewise provides administrations for IT business management, security tasks, virtual chatbots, and so on. ServiceNow is fabricated utilizing Java and Tomcat web servers operating on Linux. Despite the fact that to grow new modules and applications in ServiceNow the JavaScript information is adequate.

This article isn’t intended to really instruct you to be a ServiceNow engineer. It’s intended to be something you can reference when you end up reasoning which will turn you  into a valid master. I have listed out some of the ways by which you can make use of Servicenow. These are goodies of information which will assist you with tripping your ServiceNow improvement career, or assist you with understanding how SN functions all the more profoundly and naturally.

Author Bio:

I am Neelima, Servicenow Developer. I had worked on Servicenow Projects mostly ITSM & ITOM. currently working with IT Canvass as a Developer, Content Writer for blogs, & Tutor for Servicenow Training. And also have good knowledge of some of the IT Technologies also like SAP, Jira, Salesforce.

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