Top 5 ServiceNow Enhancements that Covid 19 has brought


The Covid 19 Pandemic has changed the work culture, and the way organizations used to work. IT service management platforms have played a significant role in the smooth functioning of business operations in these challenging times. ServiceNow continues to innovate and enhance its platform to meet the ever-evolving organizational needs. To gain end-to-end skills of this top ITSM tool, check out our ServiceNow training.

Covid 19 has brought drastic changes in the working style of employees, and it has presented IT departments with new challenges. This has made the organizations rely entirely on IT service management (ITSM) platforms to manage work challenges from home effectively. ITSM acts as a backbone for the IT departments and provides support for managing end to end lifecycle of IT services.

The ITSM tools have contributed a lot to the smooth running of IT operational activities. According to a recent survey conducted by ResearchAndMarkets, the global market size of ITSM tools is expected to reach $16.5 billion by 2027.

IT service management platforms have become an internal part of almost all organizations to standardize processes, forecast future outcomes, and drive business growth.  Servicenow is a Market Leader in the ITSM industry and continuously expanding its services to stay on top of these competitions and offer the best services to its clients. The constant innovation and research for making their services better have made them the leader in this segment.

ServiceNow platform has been able to support remote working effectively because of its unmatched ITSM features and strong integration capabilities with its clients. Servicenow has extended its workflow to support key operations and minimize effort for its clients. Following are the top ITSM trends offered by ServiceNow to support companies in their digital transformations.

1) Digital Workflow Enablement

The rise of digital transformation increased mobile workforce, security, and privacy concerns have created a need for digital workflows.  Servicenow ITSM platform supports organizations in meeting customer demands and delivering products and services faster by offering high security and supporting digital delivery. The digital workflow enablement makes the IT staff get rid of mundane and time-consuming tasks and enables them to focus more on value-adding tasks.

2) Advanced AI Equipped Chatbot Assistance

Automation enhances accuracy, speed, process management, change management, cost management and strengthens IT services delivery. AI has the potential to transform the way service desks and IT teams work. To leverage the AI, both service desk and data processes must be enhanced; teams should efficiently document all requirements, changes, challenges, manage databases, and much more.

3) Combination of ITSM and ITOM:

The value chain of IT service is a combination of two components which are ITOM and ITSM. And these two components are associated with the same objectives, overheads, customers, and risks. It requires a lot of planning and effort to use ITSM & ITOM, but it enables the organizations to maximize business value. The mix of ITSM and ITOM changes the end-client experience and IT work processes. This blend additionally improves information consistency and brings high visibility into IT teams.

4)  Alignment with ITIL 4 Framework

This organized way to deal with ITSM has been closely aligned with the ITIL framework and built on the foundational elements of ITIL. By making use of ITIL4, IT experts can handle the challenges that emerge while using digital technologies. It also streamlines the process for the ITSM practitioners to work with & integrate with other evolving development methodologies such as Agile, DevOps, and Lean.

ITIL 4 has been impacting the business and technology world today and has a close association with future technologies and digital transformation. Adopting the ITIL framework and ITSM makes the business fundamentally strong and offers the flexibility to align with future technology.

5) Employee Engagement with ITSM

Employee engagement is one of the essential tasks of the ITSM and offers a seamless & experience for employees. The employees can take advantage of the tools and technologies accessible through the service desk, such as service portals, mobile apps, chat, etc. Organizations are mainly relying on the ITSM platform for managing users, licenses, incident management, etc. Self-help IT portals assist the employees in streamlining, organizing, and automating simple tasks. Research conducted by  Harvard Business revealed that an engaged employee is 45% more productive than a non-engaged employee.