Norton live update process updates failed to complete

Norton antivirus is a top program that offers various features for security. Users can also get advanced tools for network and data protection. But to keep the system fully protected, your Norton antivirus must be error-free and updated. It has a utility tool known as LiveUpdate which updates the setup for Norton antivirus automatically. Whenever the update for Avast appears, this LiveUpdate installs it immediately. In case, your Norton update is not working then check for LiveUpdate and other reasons for this error.

Reasons behind error in Norton Update

  1. Internet is not stable
  2. Norton LiveUpdate is not working
  3. Your Operating System is outdated
  4. Norton registry files are showing an error
  5. System junk is interrupting the Norton update

Resolving Norton update error:

Restart your computer

Restarting is a basic and very good solution for managing various errors. When the Norton is not updating then close the Norton wizard and all running programs. Go to the start and hit the Restart button. When your device gets restarted, open your Norton antivirus and run its update. In case, the Norton setup is still showing an error while updating then you should seek other solutions.

Check your internet

Users will require a stable connection for updating the Norton antivirus. If the Norton live update process updates failed to complete numerous times then check the connection. Users will require a stable connection to complete the update process. Inspect the internet on your system.

If the internet is not smooth then you should wait for the update. Users can also connect the system to another network. For updating your Norton, you should check the internet for its reliability. Always use a secure internet connection for updating your antivirus. Connect the system to a smooth and secure internet and then open your Norton antivirus. Tap on the update option and wait for completing the process.

Increase the free hard-disk space

Your Norton antivirus will not update automatically when the free hard disk space is low. The program needs some space to install the update. When the free hard disk space is very low, the program can’t install the new update. Many of your programs will also show errors while running.

You can’t fix the update error until you add the hard disk. Users should use an SSD on the device. If you have an external hard disk then copy the data which you don’t need frequently. Remove that data from the disk. Now you have to restart the device and check your hard disk. Open the Norton and then click on the update option. Your program will start updating and now you can use Norton reliably.

Remove another security program

Getting the error while updating the security program is common if the user has another antivirus on the device. People often think that using two antiviruses will provide more security. But if the user has two or security programs, they will start interrupting.

When a virus appears, both security programs will start conflicting for the resources. To work smoothly, you must uninstall another security program. Also, users should check for expired setup of Norton or any other security program. People sometimes forget to remove the expired setup before installing the new antivirus on their device.

Repair your Norton registry files

Norton antivirus can get into update errors when the registry files get to error. These files get easily corrupted and then many functions of your Norton stop working. Open the registry editor and then inspect for the Norton related files. If the files are corrupted then you should immediately fix them.

Use the regedit cmd and go to your registry editor. Click on the error files and save them with .reg extensions. Now repair those files correctly and then try to update your Norton antivirus.

Remove the junk from the device

System junk files can also interrupt your antivirus updating process. When your Norton update process fails, check for the system junk. Remove the temp files from the device and then try to update your Norton setup. If the process still fails, use the Windows cleanup utility tool. Run cleanmgr and it will check all the files for junk.

Users will see the list of files. Select the files to remove and then tap the OK button. All the junk will be deleted. Restart the PC and try to update your Norton. If the updating process is interrupting due to the missing Norton program files then you should reinstall the setup. The new setup will be updated and error-free.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.