tooth extraction vs root canal

Well, this question has always been contentious. Many people suggest a root canal as the best treatment, whereas, on the other hand, some people prefer to opt for tooth extraction.

But which is the best is always one of the top priority questions. So let us see here in this blog. In this blog, I’ll discuss both tooth extraction and a root canal in a detailed way so you can derive a conclusion. Read the article till the end to know more.

When is tooth extraction recommended?

Mostly tooth extraction is suggested by dentists in the worst case possible, especially if your dentists know that there is no other way to get rid of this infection. At the same time, recommending tooth extraction, the dentist even considers the health of the other tooth to prevent it from severe damage. Tooth Extraction will help to eradicate the bacteria from your mouth. You can talk well with your dentists to clarify what suits you.

When is a root canal recommended?

Root Canal Treatment is recommended by dentists when there are few chances to save your teeth from cavities and invading bacteria and germs. It helps to protect your teeth and also helps restore your smile. Root canal treatment cost is also affordable when compared to other dental procedures. The root canal treatment will help to provide you with a long-lasting smile, and it is also helpful for saving your neighbouring tooth from infection. However, ask your dentists if the root canal treatment suits you. You can visit the best dental clinic in Chennai or near you for the best dental treatment.

Who are the suitable candidates for tooth extraction?

Some suitable candidates for tooth extraction are;

  • Extreme pain occurs in a particular tooth or badly rotten tooth.
  • Your dentists might suggest a tooth extraction if you have a damaged tooth.
  • Even if you have a damaged existing tooth, you are recommended for tooth extraction.
  • If you are suffering from an infection and gum disease, even then, your dentist might suggest you opt for the tooth extraction procedure.

So these were some of the suitable candidates for the tooth extraction procedure.

Who are the suitable candidates for root canal treatment?

Some suitable candidates for root canal treatment are;

  • You can opt for the root canal if you have continuous and throbbing pain in the tooth.
  • If you have or feel sensitivity to hot or cold, even then, you are suitable for root canal treatment.
  • If you have swollen or pimples on the gums, even then, you are ideal for root canal treatment.
  • Tooth Discoloration is also one symptom that indicates that you are suitable for root canal treatment.
  • A chipped, cracked, or loose tooth also indicates that you might need root canal treatment for your teeth.

Hence these were suitable candidates for root canal treatment.

Which is better, root canal treatment or tooth extraction?

Both root canal treatment and tooth extraction are suitable for the treatment in their own ways;


Cost is one of the significant differences between root canal treatment and tooth extraction. If you are considering the price, the tooth extraction will be the best for you compared to the root canal. Even though root canal treatment is quite affordable, you might find it more expensive than a tooth extraction.


If I talk about the pain, the tooth extraction will be more painful than the root canal treatment. Root Canal Treatment might be less painful as it is performed with local anaesthesia. Tooth Extraction may cause you more difficulty than root canal treatment.


The primary difference between the root canal treatment and the tooth extraction is that the root canal treatment will help restore your smile. On the other hand, tooth extraction will eradicate the bacteria from the teeth right up from the root. Hence both are preferably based on the patient’s dental health condition.


Regarding aesthetics, root canal treatment is very much concerned about your aesthetics. It helps preserve your teeth and restores your smile by providing you with a beautiful and long-lasting smile. On the other hand, tooth extraction is not concerned about your aesthetics; it helps eradicate bacteria from your mouth.

Hence these were some of the common differences between tooth extraction and root canal treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions to know:

Why is tooth extraction better than the root canal treatment?

Both tooth extraction and root canal treatment have their significance. Depending upon a person’s dental condition, the dentists will recommend the following based on your dental health. Both are perfect in their aspects.

Which one is an affordable tooth extraction or root canal treatment?

Usually, when it comes to the cost, root canal treatment is more affordable than a tooth extraction. However, tooth extraction is suitable only for a few candidates; for others, it’s beneficial only in the short run, but in the long run, it might not be helpful for a few people.

Why do dentists always recommend root canals?

Dentists often recommend root canal treatment because they know that the tooth can be restored and your smile can be brought back without completely removing it from your mouth. They also consider root canal treatment as a suggested treatment.

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