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10 Best Team Time Tracking Tips to Use in 2021

10 Best Team Time Tracking Tips to Use in 2021

So much to do around and you are on your job all the time. But you miss calculating the number of hours you dedicate. It can be fine only if it happens rarely or if that is just about one person. When you are managing a whole team of say more than two people, accountability matters. Manually, it can be a tough task hence soon the automated tools took place. The need for team time tracking tools always existed but the demand just made it through in 2020. Companies had remote employees and for them tracing the working hours became a challenge. This brought modern time clock apps that made monitoring easy.

Basics behind Automated Time Tracking.

For companies, time tracking became important because it is important to evaluate Return-On-Time-Investment (ROTI). Time is more valuable than money. You cannot buy time once it is gone. In simple words, the time when slips from your hand cannot return. 

Assuming the fact, organizations make sure that their employees in a team put in efforts within the stipulated time to accomplish the task and earn. 

What are the benefits of the time tracking apps?

Time tracking apps give benefit you with:

  • Better visibility of what is the team doing during the working hours.
  • Understanding how the work-hours are used.
  • Monitoring accountability.
  • Processing payrolls.
  • Explaining how to use resources to tap the most.

10 Best Team Time Tracking Tips to Use in 2021.

1. Decide which team time tracking software you would use.

There are different time tracking methods available. Decide and analyze which method would suit the type of employees you have. Sometimes, organizations do have remote employees that suffice their needs. In such a case, time tracking will vary.

2. Choose an Application for team time tracking.

Manual data entry is not trendy as it takes a lot of effort to update and enter the data into the excel sheets. Also, there can be a chance of erroneous data. To prevent such discrepancy, you can choose an application for time tracking of the team.

An application is the latest mode when you have a diverse team combination. It includes both employees from remote as well as domestic locations. The application allows you to punch in the time at which you start working. It can happen at any place and give you details about the team work-hours dedicated to the action.

3. Project Time.

Catt Small, product designer at Etsy mentions using Google Calendar to ensure that she judiciously focuses on a project. She keeps in mind a set of times. For your team also, you can do that. Project a time duration within which the project should be completed. You can keep in mind other jobs also to prevent excessive boredom. 

It saves you from getting bored and less-productive employees.

4. Prepare a block schedule.

You can prepare a block schedule for your team. Everyone should follow that and be accountable for a missed task. A block schedule goes by hours where you can divide the time to make calls, follow-ups, emails, work on the given project, and so on.

5. Make a workload chart.

You must get down to stay aware of what each team member is doing. You should know what activity takes your time. If possible, guide them to improve efficiency if they are taking longer than usual in a task. Activities like these must also be notes to include in the workload:

  • Train new employees.
  • Make a presentation.
  • Organize meetings.
  • Client Communication.

6. Stay Connected with the team.

Stay connected with the team and give each one a platform where they can speak. You should ask them about why/when do they feel most or the least productive. Find out whether the team members are distracted or what. And if yes, then what is the thing that takes away their attention. 

Talk to every team employee and explain to them that together they are responsible for a task. Each member should stick to the time limit.

7. Inform the team about the deadlines.

As a project manager, you should intimate the team about the deadlines. Also, keep them informed again and again. It gives time and limits to the team members also. The practice will help you to monitor the team time given to a project. If the duration is more/less than usual, you can gear up to get the task delivered properly.

8. Internal team communication system.

Always remain in contact with the team members. Remind them about the time remaining to know the project’s deadline

9. Don’t fall on your back. Offer help.

Monitoring the team time is an activity that demands your focus. If in the process, you realize that a team member falls short of skill, you must lend them your hand. You may have the skill that can help you get the work wrapped fast. 

10. Reduce the hours and the number of meetings.

If you feel that a lot of time is wasted in the meeting for which the team is less prepared, you must immediately stop the count. Try to avoid impromptu meetings as it imbalances the attention of a few employees.

Team Time Tracking is important to find out whether the tasks are completed in time or not. It allows the organizations to plan their work. You must include your team members in the practice of time tracking so that they get responsible. It makes them receptive to work,

Company Bio: ENBRAUN is a software product and service company. eResource Scheduler is its flagship software product.

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