steel fabrication


Fabrication is a process of manufacturing something from scratch using raw material instead of using ready-made components. Metal fabrication is the process of creating metal structure through the process of cutting, assembling and bending. Fabrication is usually done with the help of engineering drawings.

The Steps Involved in The Process of Fabrication:

  • Cutting and Burning
  • Forming
  • Machining
  • Welding
  • Assembling

The fabrication process can be done with a wide variety of metals such as steel brass, copper and aluminium. Each metal has its own specification. Steel has great strength and hence is used where weight-bearing is important. On the other hand, Aluminium due to its blush pattern finish and coloured anodization, is often used for its aesthetic properties.

Fabrication of Steel and Its importance

Steel is known to be one of the most used engineering and construction material. It is corrosion resistant and heat resistant. Steel is a sturdy, cost-effective and adaptive material and fabrication make it even better. Different types of steel are used for fabrication. These include aluminium-strengthened steel, brass-reinforced steel, stainless steel and many more.

Advantage of Steel Fabrication


Steel is a strong metal and with the process of fabrication, it becomes stronger and hence can easily withstand the damages from the weather due to its added strength. Steel fabricated products are easy to maintain as well.


When constructing a building, people want the architecture to be aesthetically appealing as well as strong enough to withstand natural calamity. Therefore, steel is an ideal choice. With fabrication, it becomes easier to bend or twist the metal without compromising its strength. Hence, steel can be customised as per requirements.


The process of steel fabrication is cost-effective. The process of fabrication is much evolved and technological advancement helped in fabrication steel at a large scale.  This helps in cutting down project cost due to mass production at one go, thus saving money.

Environmental Friendly

Steel is 100% recyclable. This means it can be reprocessed again and again without any loss of quality and has a potentially endless life cycle. Steel saves the ecosystem, and this is one of the reason for professionals and industrialists to prefer steel over any other metal.

Modern and Affordable

Steel is easy to twist and bend, it is customizable, hence, offering the best of the design at an affordable cost. With fabricated steel, you are open to being creative without worrying about the cost. To get the best architectural steelwork, all you need is a professional fabricator.

It is important to choose the right fabricator to get the desired design and material strength for your building. Choose the company that can offer the best resources and ensure that the best material is being used while fabricating the steel.

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