modak recipe

On the Lord’s arrival let’s make him happy with his favorite food the Modak. A Traditional Modak could be made of two ways the steamed way and the fried way. We will learn to make the steam version today which is fondly known as the Ukdiche Modak.

So let’s begin to the first step which is making the outer cover of the Modak

  • For this take 3 cups of water, some salt and Ghee, put the flame on and let the water begin to bubble what is imperative in this recipe is the proportion of water to the flour and ghee adds the softness of the dough eventually. When water starts boiling add three cups of rice flour in it. At this point we need to lower the flame and make sure this nicely mixes together mix it nicely and evenly to make sure there are no dry lumps in the mixture. Now this is mixed and done. We have to cover this for three to five minutes and off goes the flame. While we have a few minutes of waiting time, we can make the filling.

Second Step – Making the filling

  • For filling add some ghee and some grated coconut. Use grated coconut instead of the traditionally scraped coconut just to save some time. The next that goes in is some chopped or grated jaggery and at this stage put the flame on, all we need to do here is to make sure the jaggery melts and nicely mixes with the coconut while this mixture has just kind of warmed up. Now add some freshly ground cardamom which is the green one and to this some strands of saffron well this could be optional. Now this mixture has dried up off the flame and let this cool down to room temperature. This dough has been steaming here for five to seven minutes and transfer it into another bowl and let this cool down till it comes to a working temperature, well this dough has been resting for a minute and a half two and it’s come down to a workable temperature. Then we can start massaging this into a soft pliable dough. We need to add in a little bit of more water and with this just a tad bit of some ghee while the dough is ready now. Cover this with a damp cloth

Third Step – Making of Modaks

  • While doing so, pinch a little dough and start working on this so that we can start making the Modaks. Well just to moisten the dough a little keep dabbing your fingers in some cold water and now do the process very carefully with your two thumbs, we want to press and create an indent in the dough ball with some more water keep pressing this so that this forms like a cup. Once this is ready in this we have to scoop in a spoonful of the filling which is now completely at room temperature. With the help of index fingers create these pleats all around the Modak. Now very carefully pinch the top and get it closer press the top and here you have the first Modak which is ready. You can make the pleats n do the filling also. Very carefully very neatly just get all these petals together and pinch them right on top now that we have shaped these Modak’s. Now steam them

Fourth Step – Steaming the Modaks

  • This step is for all of us who do not have dedicated steamers in their house. Don’t worry there an easy way for steaming the Modaks. So, take a pan with a little bit of water and what goes on top is a seal. Now, traditionally for steamed Modak which is called Ukdiche Modak, use something called turmeric leaves as a liner because turmeric leaves add their own peculiar taste to the Modaks, well if you do not have turmeric leaves you can use a banana leaf or you can also use alternately a butter paper. Place the Modaks very carefully without overcrowding the steamer on goes the lid and this has to steam under pressure for 10 to 12 minutes. 

Two different types of fillings:-

  • The First with Rose Petal Jam for which take some grated coconut some gulkand and along with this some grated Khoya. Now the filling is ready, use the same process and make the Modaks with the gulkand filling now.
  • The Second filling is for all chocolate lovers all we need for this is some grated coconut some cardamom seeds well you can crush these or you can keep this whole and some melted dark chocolate a nice and even mix and the chocolate filling is ready.

Make Modaks exactly the same way that used earlier. Now that, we have known the two contemporary fillings let’s turn back to the traditional one it has been steaming for some minutes off the flame and carefully lift Modaks and place it in a plate. At Last drop in a few splashes of molten ghee. These are ready now steam the other Modaks similarly.


We’ve made two contemporary fillings along with the traditional recipe of Ukdiche Modaks. Do make this for your family and friends they will definitely love this Modak Recipe on this pious occasion of Ganesha Utsav.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.