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Online Grocery Delivery Services has turned out to be a great boon for individuals. Especially during the pandemic, on-demand grocery delivery app like Instacart came as a lifeguard.

Instacart Clone App offered greater customer reach than any other On-Demand Delivery App. The app is inspired by the original Instacart Application replicating similar features, functionalities, and monetization strategies.

About Instacart

Instacart is a leading name in the USA markets.

Known for delivering groceries, household items as well as office supplies the US citizens.

Recently it started premade food deliveries. The On-Demand Delivery App experienced tremendous growth in the year 2020, which opened up 150 new markets, and started its operations in Canada.

Instacart Clone App Offers Seamless Grocery Delivery Amid COVID19

Countries across the globe have imposed lockdowns. With social distancing rules to follow and strict instruction not to step out unless there is an emergency. People were left out with no option other than ordering their daily essentials using Grocery Delivery App.

Business owners found this opportunity to make profits thus launching Instacart Clone App to offer daily essentials like food, groceries, medicines, office supplies, etc.  Regardless of the COVID19, Instacart Clone App continued to prosper. The app brought more business, and sales were sky-rocketing.

If you are an entrepreneur and looking for an opportunity to venture into an OnDemand Delivery App Business, creating Instacart Clone App can be the wisest decision you could be making.

Grabt this opportunity and connect with an app development company offering a white-label solution right away.

Instacart Clone App New Features Functionalities

The right features and monetization can immediately live up to your online grocery delivery business.

New Features of the Instacart Clone App are considered to be the foundation of the entire app.

Store wise commission

It enables the Admin to set different commission rates for every store. For instance, the admin can set more percentages of commission on the stores that are receiving more orders.

Store closed / open days

Every country has its work timings, including weekends and public holidays. The stores and restaurant owners can modify this through this feature.

Search by name

The feature helps the users to search for the right products quickly. Thus increasing the possibilities of placing speedily placing the orders.

Voice instruction for delivery drivers

The users send a voice note to their delivery drivers regarding anything specific while delivering the packages

Multiple deliveries

The users can choose single or multiple deliveries from a single as well as multiple stores. The users should live-track the orders on a real-time basis.

Cancel job option for delivery drivers

The delivery drivers have an option to cancel the job if they are unable to take up the delivery orders. This only happens due to unforeseen circumstances.

Instacart Clone App – Advanced Level Features

  • Instacart Clone App has an analytics and reporting feature that offers the general spending behavior of the users. This way the Admin can modify the services, as well as pricing structure to boost the app performance.
  • Offering discounts and promo codes regularly will help boost your customer base. Eventually, you will see a growing user base for your app.
  • Integrating secured multiple payment gateways will allow your users to make payments with ease. Also, they won’t be worrying about the billing since they have multiple options to choose from.
  • Offering “Contact-less” deliveries, “Takeaway”, “Doorstep Deliveries” kind of options along with scheduling their deliveries at their convenience can boost your customer base.
  • Feedback and rating features can be extremely helpful in knowing the app’s performance.
  • Push notifications help to make mass messages to the users, service providers, and delivery drivers.

The Best Part – Hiring An App Development Company

Developing Instacart Clone App needs careful consideration of choosing the right app development company.

Choose a white-label company that gets you a Customized Instacart Clone App suiting your customer’s evolving needs. While choosing the company look for their work experience. The company must have launched at least 1000+ apps and have a wide range of experience in developing different types of clone app.

A company like V3Cube Technolabs will provide you Instacart Clone App with New Features as well as advanced level features to scale up your business immediately. Take the live demo to see the app’s performance and place the order. Once the order is placed, the team starts with the white-labeling process thus, you are all set to launch your Instacart Clone App in just 7 days.

The reason for choosing an app development company like V3Cube Technolabs is it believes in giving back to the community. Recently it participated in CSR event by donating an X-ray lead partition and Digital X-ray Cassette to Jivdaya Charitable Trust.

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