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Searching for a solo travel guide is popular among holidaymakers. Whenever you think to solo travel on a budget, things start to seem weary. Nevertheless, you can plan a trip to your favourite destinations without making it too difficult. A solo vacation does not mean you have to share a dorm room with strange faces, intake cheap-quality street food, or travel in an annoying vehicle.

If you use a solo travel guide for budgeting your trip, there are chances of enjoying better. I have been staying in my choice of hotels on every vacation. My adventure travels are many where I plan to choose a luxury apartment, savour in a famous restaurant, and enjoy the view of picturesque sights.

Remember, luxury solo travel is not about spending a fortune. You can find a myriad of opportunities to meet other travel enthusiasts. There is a unique fashion of traveling solo on a budget. Read further to evaluate yours.

A Solo Travel Guide for Budget Travellers

The new era is encouraging tourists to travel solo and make the most of their time. You can find the most popular stores on different websites that offer special deals for solo travellers. Likewise, there are tips that you can follow and save your money on this type of holiday-making.

Select Your Destination Wisely

First of all, a solo travel guide encourages you to focus on your destination. For instance, if you pick New York, Japan, or most probably Switzerland, the vacation is going to cost you much.

Henceforth, it is necessary to select a country that provides you more for each dollar/pound. A perfect example of this tip is Thailand solo travel. In this country, you get a chance to stay in a 5-star hotel at the rate of a 3-star hotel in popular cities.

Moreover, individuals who choose Asian countries or those in the Eastern and Northern Europe; you will experience luxury solo travel than any other country on this planet.

Understand Your Accommodation

Most often, solo travellers believe staying in a penthouse is unaffordable. Nevertheless, I can share my affordable ways through which you can enjoy a stay in your dream accommodation.

I was able to stay in luxury penthouses during my previous trip to Colombia. It happened because I booked through a famous travel provider. Many travel websites can provide an opportunity to stay overnight in lavish apartments. The best way to do so is by selecting a city that offers low rates for tourists.

Remember, if you travel in the right season, there are maximum chances of saving on your accommodation. Soon as a new season arrives, you can hunt for discounts.

Spend Wisely On Each Restaurant

Remember, there is no need to spend a fortune while savouring your taste buds. It is not necessary that you stick with a three course meal and a lavish cocktail when dining at a famous eatery. Ordering the main meal can provide you much low rates in a posh restaurant.

A solo travel guide often suggests people to eat early. It is because many solo travellers feel weary of eating alone. Therefore, entering an eatery during early hours can prevent much crowd and offer an affordable meal too.

You can always look for countries that offer restaurants on rooftops. It saves you a fortune while letting you enjoy an enticing view while eating your favourite food. Some outstanding examples for such places include Colombia, Bangkok, New York, and Shanghai.

Learn About Your Transportation

Different countries provide a unique set of transportation services. Dubai is high known for its airport transport service because passengers receive a limousine on their arrival. It is air-conditioned, owns a professional driver who respects you, and drives you to the chosen hotel smoothly. Dubai also allows you to order a limousine from your place to the airport.

In other countries, look for Uber service instead of a taxi. It is a worthy transportation service that provides a comfortable ride in an upgraded taxi. I have always enjoyed a safe ride to my home in this service because all the details of the captain and my location are accessible for me through the Uber app.

You can avail these opportunities without spending a fortune. A solo travel guide will always encourage you to afford the luxuries possible. Travel solo on a budget and make the most of it.

Be Appropriate For Your Airlines

It is unnecessary to fly business if things get out of reach. Nevertheless, always give attention to Premium Economy. Famous airlines like British Airways work more on their upgraded economy classes. Passengers can find larger seats along with a personalised service for experiencing luxury throughout the flight.

I personally believe the idea of a lemon-scented towel and a complimentary glass of cocktail with lavish cutlery can make a big difference if you are not costing a fortune. In addition, one must not be a business traveller to benefit with an airport lounge.

You can rest within here and feel like a high-class holidaymaker. Skip the restless crowd and spend your time in comfy leather seats and eating brownies.

Experience a Ravishing Trip on a Budget

When you buy a solo travel guidebook, it will always recommend you to enjoy the trip firstly. You can always find luxuries during your solo travel on a budget. It is upon you to avail an opportunity or not.

Take a hot-air balloon flight and watch the sunrise when you float among the clouds. It is an affordable but a luxurious trip that you can ever imagine.

Remember, there are plenty of ways through which you can incorporate luxury travel. Travelling solo is not about sacrificing luxury and choices from your holiday. Because you are alone, make sure to treat yourself in the best way.

By Anurag Rathod

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