Amenities you get within a villa

If you are planning a holiday with your entire family, the best choice for you is to book a luxurious villa. Thousands of villas of every form, variety, and location can be found to choose from. Hire an experienced agent or tour operator before booking a villa for your holiday, which will help you book the best villa for your stay. It can be a bit expensive to pick a luxury villa for your holiday, so you have to take your time and explore the various options available. For people who are used to living in hotels, it would be a different experience for them to stay in a villa. They are familiar with the entire reservation and hotel booking process while renting a villa can be an entirely different experience for them.

Villas provide you with every luxury you wish for. Following are some things that you are provided with when you book a villa.

  1. No disturbance – when you are at home you are often disturbed by the noises coming from the neighboring house or staying at a hotel and people staying in the adjoining room making too much noise can disturb your sleep. Whereas rented villas provide you peaceful atmosphere with no disturbance.
  2. Amenities- Different people expect various things, so it is very important to talk to your agent about the things you want in your villa, such as a swimming pool, a play area for children, a theatre space to keep your children and your family entertained. If you are an individual traveling with your job, you can also ask for office space in your villa with an internet facility.
  3. Area- As you know, hotels are usually classified according to the facilities they offer, such as staying in a 5-star hotel, offering you a much more comfortable stay than any other rated hotel. Likewise, depending on your budget, you can opt for villas. If you book a luxury villa, luxury and comfort are provided with all the facilities you need. A theatre room, children’s playroom, private spa, tennis court, natural scenery, and much more are also offered for you, all for your complete enjoyment. Quality villas have fantastic employees who support you with every aspect of your holiday, from booking to checking out.
  4. Interior- Villas are typically privately owned residences, so it is built mostly by the owner or developer of his own taste, so in terms of style, architecture, and furnishings it is very difficult to have similar looking properties. For a few days during your stay, it is important that you feel relaxed and live up to your dream house fantasy, makes sure to ask your agent what type of villa you look like. Villas with a modern design, colonial style, French country style, Victorian style, and contemporary or traditional style villas with an antique touch are offered. Also bear in mind that security deposits are needed for any form of damage to the property or the items in it so be careful with valuable objects and antiques available in the villa because when checking out from the villa, the damage will be included in your bill and it can be a heavy one, so keep this in mind if you are traveling with children.
  5. Management- When it comes to staffing and facilities, people’s views can differ. Some people ask for an all-day in-house chef and butlers before their holiday ends, while some prefer to be autonomous and only want a chef and butlers when appropriate. If you want to recruit a chef and can tell him about your allergies to some kind of vegetable, fruit, or dairy products, you can even order a sample food tasting. In addition to this, you are provided with regular cleaning personnel, laundry services, and pool cleaning. You can also ask for plans for you and your family for a barbeque night or a movie night.
  6. Precautions are taken- One of the most important things that you are provided with while renting a villa is its security measures. You are provided with 24 hour CCTV surveillance installed in the villa and a video calling monitor at the gate of the area. You are also provided with security guards for 24 hours if you have rented the villa in a gated community.
  7. Arrival and departure- This is the critical aspect of reserving a villa that most individuals neglect. Your check-in and check-out depend on the arrival and departure of your flights and villas normally have their own check-in and check-out schedules that may or may not fit your schedule, but you can check-in and check-out for any schedule you are suitable for, as villas are directed to ensure that their guests are relaxed and convenient in any case. It is also very important to negotiate this with your agent so that the owner of the villa is aware of your situation and does not cancel your reservations and there is no additional cost to you.

It is obvious from looking at these points that spending your holiday at the villa is far more enjoyable than any other alternative. You can also book villas online which is considered a simple choice. If you are planning a vacation there, you will find great deals and offers on villa in Lonavala.