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Fossil fuel is harmful for the environment, you must be aware of that. Every passing day the climate change situation gets worse, global warming is a serious issue and we need to get serious about it. Till now it was only about future generations but the accelerated deterioration means that we are as much endangered as our future generations. The only thing we can do about it is bring small changes in our lives.

One of such small yet significant changes can be going solar! Solar energy is renewable and saves you a lot of money besides helping you save the environment. Now there are lots of options among the solar systems depending on their capacity and panel types. In this blog we will talk about what all you need to consider to figure out whether the 10kW solar system is suitable for your property or not.

Factors to Consider:

Roof Space

Solar systems can be installed directly on the ground but if your property is surrounded by other properties, panels on the ground will not get enough sunlight exposure to produce sufficient amounts of solar energy.

This is why most people have their solar panels installed on the roof. Roof is the tallest space standing and gets the maximum sunlight exposure. Now when you are thinking about getting a solar system installed, you have to consider the roof space available. Solar system consists of solar panels, inverter and solar battery storage. The inverter and battery storage may be located in different locations of your property but the panels have to be mounted on your roof. Now for a 10kW solar system in Melbourne, you will need about 30 panels with the capacity of 330W energy output. So you need to check if your roof has enough space for 30 panels.

Energy Demand

You need to consider the most important aspect, how much energy is needed by your property. If a 10kW system is enough for you or you need a higher capacity system. You can determine this by checking out your general energy consumption in the near past. You can check out your recent past electricity bills.

Inverter/Solar Battery Storage

You have to consider the capacity of the inverter and battery storage. Depending on your energy use, you might need perfect battery storage. For example if your energy use is excessive, you can go along with battery storage with low capacity but if you don’t have excessive use of energy then high capacity battery storage will help you store more energy. Inverters do not have to be exact capacity as of the solar system although there cannot be huge differences of capacities either. 

Property Type

10kW solar system installation is useful for both the residential and commercial properties. If your home is standing over a large field and has huge architecture then a 10kW solar system will be perfect for you. And if you have a commercial building, perhaps your office or company property which is not too big like other huge well established company architectures, then again 10kW system is suitable for you. 

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