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Most people invest in a second home in a tropical paradise and there’s nothing wrong with that; yet you could buy a yacht and use that as your floating holiday home. There are many benefits to doing just this; you can holiday wherever you please and, very importantly, you can put the vessel up for charter when not in use and that will provide a healthy income.

Calculating your Budget

Whether you are loaning the money or you are going to use your nest egg, you need to decide on a budget. Check out the new Lagoon catamaran for sale from an established yacht charter firm and if you would rather a second-hand catamaran, they have a lot of vessels listed for sale. It is pointless to view yachts until you know your budget, while another very important aspect of yacht ownership is maintenance and mooring. You should crunch the numbers regarding yacht maintenance to make sure it is within your capabilities and it can be costly.

Yacht Broker

The yacht broker does a lot more than buying and selling vessels, they also service and maintain client’s yachts, while also providing essential mooring facilities and they always have crews that are ready and willing to step in, should you require a crew. This is the company you will rely on when you purchase your yacht, as they will moor and maintain the vessel until such time as you wish to set sail. The broker is also the firm to advertise your boat for charter; they handle every aspect of the operation, including vetting potential clients and providing a full crew.

Tropical Locations

Most yacht owners prefer to have their vessel moored in Phuket, Malaysia or Singapore, which is the perfect area for cruising. The Andaman Sea, for example, is the jewel of South East Asia and mooring fees are generally cheaper in this part of the world and all the best yacht brokers have facilities in South East Asia. Here is a blog about water sports, which you might find interesting.

Asset Appreciation

Just like a bricks and mortar structure, a yacht would appreciate in value over the years, even though there is significant maintenance element and with the charter income and the value of the vessel, you have an asset that grows in value.

Choosing a Vessel

This is not something to rush into; start by contacting a leading yacht broker, one with a good reputation and see what vessels they have listed. Of course, the broker has the full history of every vessel on their books and when you find a boat that looks interesting, the broker can arrange a sea trial and inspection. The broker would facilitate the sale and afford you any information you might require related to either the boat or maintenance solutions for the future. It might take a few weeks or even months for you to reach the stage of commitment and are ready to make an offer, but that is perfectly normal when making such a large investment.Click here for information about world sailing rules and regulations, which should prove to be very useful when you are sailing your new yacht on the ocean.

By Anurag Rathod

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