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The plethora of social media companies is tremendous, and it is not effortless to find the best social media marketing course. When you keypunched in the best social media marketing course available in Google I would assume that you too are looking for a clear resolution and thankfully you have arrived at the right place.

We are going to give you 6 of the best social media courses that are worth your time and money. These programs are conducted by experts in the social field, and they will educate you on everything about social media marketing right down from the basics to the advanced levels. 

With the knowledge, you can apply for jobs, or run your own social media campaign for your brand and business. The icing on the cake is that many of these courses are free of charge and you can enroll anytime anyway. 

LinkedIn Learning- Social Media Marketing 

This course is free, and a goldmine for beginners in the social media marketing course arena. This course is taught by Brian Honigan who is a Marketing Consultant. He conducts the course in a structured way, he demonstrates how social media marketing is vital to growing a business and the steps needed to define a target audience. Brian also guides you through how to create a social media strategy and how to use analytics to measure your success in numbers at the end of the day. 

Some of the advantages are that it includes videos, texts, and fun quizzes. It also holds compact lessons which ensure quick catch by students. Overall it is a good social media marketing course for beginners. However, there are cons as it is not for advanced learners and they provide no certification 

2. Hubspot Academy: Social Media Certification

Hubspot is a pearl of a place for learners, and this social media marketing course from Hubspot is a hearty program that is essentially made to entice customers and help strengthen brand allegiance. It teaches a lot about inbound marketing and since social media and inbound marketing are closely knit this course ties these two concepts effortlessly. The course includes various topics that prepare students on how to measure the return on investment (ROI) and content creation. This a great course for beginners as well as intermediate levels and one can easily complete it in a matter of days. 

3. Hootsuite Academy: Social Marketing Training 

If you are already a social media marketer and want to polish your skillset or learn the current advancements in social media this social media marketing course is perfect for you. This cost runs at $199 for six hours, and it is worth it. Students get to learn from Hootsuite marketing experts and strategists through easy-to-apply techniques. You can even opt for a free demo which is amazing for beginners as demos give you a clearer picture of the course. 

4. Northwestern University: What is Social?

Isn’t the course name itself eye-catching and sparks an instant interest? This is a beginner-friendly course and it covers how you can successfully make a social media marketing strategy. This social media course is instructed by Randy Hlavac from Northwestern University and through this course, you will get an overview of social trends and market through videos, quizzes, and assignments. This course does provide a certificate and comes with a fee of $67 per month with a completely free 7-day trial. 

5. Hootsuite Academy: Advanced Social Advertising 

Yet again another course by Hootsuite which is a gem and instructed by the best Hootsuite social media marketing experts. The course runs for a fee of $249 and it is an advanced course for marketers who want to know the skills to run paid campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. 

Through the course you will learn the process of creating social ads and the best practices for targeting social media advertisements. In this course, there is a free demo class available and they provide certifications after you successfully pass the exams. This though is an advanced course and is not beginners and if you are a beginner you can always check the courses by Hootsuite which are equally amazing beginners. 

6. Udemy: Social Media Marketing Mastery- Learn Ads on 10+ Platforms 

Udemy is a large platform with amazing social media marketing courses in its line up. This particular course has a fee of $12.99 and it is an 8 hours course.

In the course, you will learn the basics like any other social media course but a bonus of lectures on Snapchat, LinkedIn, and even Tik Tok. This inclusion of a huge assortment of social media platforms integrated into the course makes it excellent for beginners. 

These are my six suggestions of the best social media course online that you can take up and up skill yourself. Learning is a never-ending quest and the right time is now. 

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.