Smartphone cases are as necessary as their glass guard. They do not only give protection but also give a stylish look to the phone. It is essential to mention that the phone case should be used as a styling material for the phone and protect it from outer scratches and fallouts. 

Many iPhone skin wrap India provides customized skins to the apple iPhone but fail when protecting and resisting various materials. Phone covers come in different varieties, metal, and functionality that is given below:-  

Varieties of Smartphone cases

Cases in different materials 

You can get cases in various materials such as fabric, wooden, leather, carbon fiber, gel, and many more, with customized designs and multiple colors. That not only gives protection but also gives a stylish look to your expensive phone.

Transparent Cases 

The main reason to prefer a transparent case is an extra layer of protection and to maintain the design of your phone. But Silicon transparent covers may get yellow and greasy sometimes. So, it is advisable to buy hard transparent covers rather than soft ones to maintain the phone’s original look. 

Thin cases for phones

Most covers are bulky and can add extra weight to your phone. Thin phone covers would be the best option, especially if you have small hands and using big phones. After being very thin, they will protect the phone from fallouts and scratches.

Moment Photo case 

Technology is developing every single day, why phone covers should not evolve with time. Now phone cases are used for protection and give multiple astonishing features, such as the Moment photo case. 

In such a type of phone case, there is an attached telephoto, fish-eye, wide-angle, or anamorphic lens to shoot cinematic videos and pictures on your phone. These lenses are available in leather, gel, or wood phone cases. 

Phone skins 

Phone skins enhance the beauty of the original phone’s back without adding any extra protective layer to the phone but are available in different sizes and colors in the market. 

Metals for phone cases 

Mitywah Metal phone case

It is a heavy-duty metal case that is resistant to water as well as dust. Do not worry if you get wet in the rain with your phone in your pocket. It is best for those using iPhone 7 or 8 due to its IP-68 Ingress protection rating with a lifetime warranty. 

X-DoriaDefence Shield metal 

If you plan to buy the most reliable case for your iPhone pro 12, then X-Doria should be at the top. It provides excellent protection and exotic designs that offer a metal frame with a transparent and clear polycarbonate shell on the back. With a raised lip at the front, it protects your screen from multiple drops and falls.

VRS Design Damda Glide Pro Metal Phone Case

Damda glide phone cases, specialize in the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus model with smooth semi-automatic sliding technology to store 3 to 4 standard cards, similar to a wallet case. The body of this phone is of TPU and stainless steel base for unbelievable protection and extraordinary style. You can also get galaxy buds plus skin in India now.

Marrkey Heavy Duty Shockproof Phone case

Such phone cases are best to protect models of Samsung Galaxy like S10, S10+, S8+, and S9+. This shockproof phone cover has a double-layered metal and a rubber layer to absorb the maximum shock of the phone. It is resistant to IPX4 water and gives protection against water splashes.

ESR Metal Kickstand Metal Phone Case

This two-in-one phone casework as a protective layer as well as phone stands also. It is designed for Samsung Galaxy S10. This case not only protects the back but also gives extra coverage to phone edges and the camera. The material is TPU that absorbs the shock of fallouts and water splashes.

The functionality of phone cases

Battery packs for phones

It is challenging to charge your phone while traveling or where electricity is not available. At this time, the battery drains fast. Many battery cases will add battery backup to your phone. 

Mirrored phone cases

Carrying a pocket mirror may be difficult for the girls who always look up for the mirror to touch up. The back of these phone cases will work as a mirror to not carry an additional item with you while traveling. 

Works as Wallets

Many phone cases and wallets are available in the market that have completely replaced the wallets. With these phone cases, you do not need to bring your wallet everywhere, as its wallets can keep 3 to 4 cards at one time. 

Ultra protection of phone

The extra security may not give a stylish look to your phone but it will save your expensive phones from fallouts, breakage, and other dirty scratches that can affect the beauty of your phone. 

Enhance photographic skills

Using some particular kinds of lenses on the cover of your phone will increase your photographic skills and picture quality. With these exclusive lenses, now you can experiment with different angles and features available on your phone camera to capture beautiful moments in your life.

Will hold earphone for you

For the knees of music or who have to travel a lot, they are likely to lose their earphones regularly. If you are one of them, then such phone cases are a boon for you. Such phone cases have plenty of space to keep your earphones in so that you can get them when you need them.


Most people use phone cases for style only, but they are limited to fashion and protection. Most people prefer covers over iPhone skins in India due to their various features like durability, flexibility, and resistance to different materials like water, dust, oil, and fingerprints. However, you will not get everything in just a phone cover. It will surely not disappoint the users as various iPhone users in terms of comfort and protection of phones. So cover your phone today with a reliable and designer phone case. 

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