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Penetration testing and vulnerability assessments are regularly put into one category. If we draw a comparison between vulnerability and penetration testing, these are two different techniques of enhancing your security maturity, and a good security strategy will include both. A vulnerability scan is a comprehensive analysis of your access points, networks, and systems.

Furthermore, an assessment probes further into:

·         The information attained

·         Suggests solution

·         Offers risk management for the problems that you are encountering

It is a very detailed process that provides a proactive and dynamic security plan.

The Framework for Scanning Vulnerabilities

This framework is divided into five stages. Hence, it is important to think about what every phase necessitates.

Step 1: Make a plan

At this stage, you would want to know the resources you would want to scan and the particular VA goals. For this, you will have to consider the following questions:

·         Which networks and systems are you going to look at?

·         At what place do confidential data and workloads get saved?

·         Is everyone participating in VA?

·         What are the objectives of VA?

Step2: Scanning                   

During this phase, you probably test the network activity utilizing automated or human techniques. The method produces a list of susceptibilities with strict ratings that you probably utilize to screen false positives.

Step 3: Inspecting

The susceptibility’s expected consequences and origins are then explained in a complete study. You will probably allot score to every susceptibility depending on the quantity of effort at the severity and risk of the flaw. The objective is to make it simpler for you to evaluate the threat by carrying a strong feeling of perseverance regarding the effect of the threat on the network.

Step 4: Remediation

You must begin by resolving the most important vulnerabilities. T depends upon the outcome of the analysis step. You can probably utilize various techniques to resolve your network flaws. It includes:

·         Addition of new security measures

·         Updating software

If the susceptibility cannot cause any risk to the software, you should not waste any sort of effort and time to rectify it.

Step 5: Repetition

One VA shows a sight of your network at one particular point in time. Daily vulnerability assessments, at least monthly or weekly, are needed to assure you to attain a clearer perspective of the complete IT system.

Advantages of Vulnerability Assessment To Your Business

All software testing companies use vulnerability tests for the following reasons.

·         Pinpoint The Mistakes Before Being Exploited By The Hackers

Vulnerability assessments allow you to look at the mistakes before they can cause harm to the company’s repute.

·         It Saves Time and Money

Security breaches probably damage a company’s repute in a variety of ways. It leads to very expensive liabilities and limits. VA decreases these risks, assisting the company to save money and time by circumventing expensive data breach lawsuits.

·         Following the Regulatory and industry Guidelines

A thorough vulnerability assessment will enable you to stay compliant when working in a regulated industry. VA is needed to maintain and attain security certifications like ISO 27001.

·         Assessing The Performance of 3rd Party IT Service Provider

By conducting an independent vulnerability assessment, you will be able to cross-check the performance of 3rd party suppliers for IT products like system management, backup, and email if you depend on them.

·         Validating The System Security To Stakeholders, Prospects, and Customers

Consumers who have trusted you with their information must have confidence in the ability of the software testing company to secure their assets. You probably incorporate vulnerability assessment as a method for strategic competitive advantage because you guarantee such customers.


After viewing the discussion above, it can be said that it is a practical strategy to be used by the software testing company to guarantee you complete operations integrity. This is usually done by using penetration testing tools.

By Anurag Rathod

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